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Posted on 26 November 09 at 08:18
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************************The Ballad of Gay Tony Review************************
Rockstar's GTA IV had one hell of a fantastic reception from the gaming press and the entire world as a whole. (Save for the religious groups and conservative politicians)
The Lost and Damned did spectacularly in sales and reviews and revealed another side to liberty city. Again politicians and religious groups had a problem because of the penis featured in one of the cutscenes.
And now we come to The Ballad of Gay Tony. So far, no problems with the religious groups and politicians yet.
This is the final piece of content for GTA IV, as such Rockstar wanted to go out with a bang and go out with a bang they did. The entire theme of TBoGT is explosions and eccentric missions and characters, and it delivers those in spades. The property developer Yusef Amir is possibly the most hilariously over the top character since Brucie. Oh and Brucie's back bitches. He has a little bit of a surprise for you all at the end. There is also Mori, Brucie's brother, there is a very big family resemblance there. Unfortunately though, the main protagonist, Luis is a little bit boring. He doesn't really have much of a personality. And is often described in game as simply a crazy sucker with a lot of guns. Oh well no games perfect.
Gameplay wise, It is the better of the two expansions, where TLaD only introduced us to some better bike mechanics and some new weapons, TBoGT shows us new flying mechanics, new weapons, triathlon racing parachuting, dancing, club management (Not much of a plus, more on it later) and the entirely new mission rating system. This is basically rating you on well you did each mission. Not a revolutionary concept but it is a welcome addition to TBoGT's huge set list. Unfortunately one of the other new additions is a bit of a miss too. Basically all you do is walk back and forth around Maissonette 9 and occasionally go screw the wonam who is guiding you Joni. WOW. So much fun there. *Sarcastic cough* Of all the new weapons easily the best is the Golden SMG. I mean who doesn't want a motherfucking golden piece of awesome. Making a welcome return is a tank. Although it is still a little bit of a let down, as it's not a big military tank or anything, it still gets the job done. I absolutely love the triathlons. What they are is a new form of racing. You atart off by sky diving out of a helicopter, then try to be the first one to get to a boat, and proceed to race to a car. I would have liked to see and on foot section of the race, like at the very end or something but it's still a real blast.
TBoGT may be the last piece of new content for GTA IV and thus completeing the trinity but we will still be playing this for months to come.
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Posted on 10 November 11 at 01:05, Edited on 10 November 11 at 04:44
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When Grand Theft Auto IV was released back in April 2008, many people thought that the game was near perfect, and it was. The multiplayer added a new way to play that some people thought could have been better, but the game itself was a game that shouldn't have been missed. Fast forward 10 months later to February 2009 and the first Xbox 360 downloadable episode, The Lost and Damned, was released. Like the main game 10 months prior, TLaD had been released to amazing reviews and included some some terrific new content. Now The Ballad of Gay Tony has been released and with a hefty price like its predecessor, sitting at 1600msp. However, buying this and playing you'll come to a disturbing realization; this is ACTUALLY downloadable content.

You take control of Luis Lopez, a guy that never likes to be in the wrong crowd. Luis, a normal Dominican-American citizen, is just trying to do business. As the game starts out, you see our protagonist on the floor. You may also notice that this scene seems familiar, which it is. If you've played through the story of GTA, you'll notice that this is the Bank robbery scene from Nico Bellic's point-of-view. The scene progresses, the police arrive, and the "convicts" make a run for it. After being interviewed by a police officer, Luis walks away and gets a call on his cell phone. You answer the phone to see its "Gay" Tony Prince. The story goes on, and, like TLaD before it, intertwines with the previous stories. It's impressive to see the story continue on and seeing a previous event that happened in a previous story. The story's missions a little different this time around. After completing a mission, you'll notice a few stats pop up upon completion. There's a few new things thrown in to make replay ability a little higher. New mission requirements like completing the mission in a specific time, and other special requirements and a some variety to completing each mission. Although people have the option of attempting all requirements on their first try, its not the best option. When the story has been completed, players have the option of replaying missions via their cell phone.

One of the few things that TBoGT has revived is the Parachute. Never has it been so much fun to jump off the top of a building. The game has incorporated an ability to transport the player to the top of a building by walking into a marker at the entrance to the building. Walk into the marker, and you'll be magically transported to the top of the world! Rockstar decided to take a route on the wild side and throw the ability to dance back in GTA. "Dance-offs" and group dances are an absolute blast to take part in.

Although TLaD added more options to multiplayer, TBoGT leaned more towards story than multiplayer. The story of Ballad of Gay Tony's story can be completed in roughly 7-9 hours depending on how you play. However, after the story has been completed, players can replay which ever mission they please via their phone. You can try to complete all missions to 100%, but its going to take a lot of practice and strategy. Thankfully, you can replay them however many times as you want, and each requirement is saved after every completion. If players don't feel like trying the missions again, there's much more to do. Feel like dancing? Check out some of the clubs. Feel like fighting? Check out the L.C. Cage Fighters' arena. Feel like taking an adrenaline rush and jumping off a building? Check out some of the Base-Jump challenges. There's so much to do, and so much to see, you'll forget that this is an expansion.

All in all, The Ballad of Gay Tony lives up to what Grand Theft Auto is known for, and that's outstanding games. 1600msp is a bargain for what Ballad has to offer. No other DLC can come close to the amount of new content. Well, other than The Lost and Damned.

Score: 5/5

Expansion Name: The Ballad of Gay Tony
Game Name: Grand Theft Auto IV
Cost: 1600 Microsoft Points
Length: 7-9 hours (Story) 12+ (Other Content)
Achievements: 10 Achievements, 250 gamerscore
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