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Brenin Watson
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Brenin Watson
Posted on 08 October 10 at 04:17, Edited on 27 March 11 at 02:21
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Cerberus Network DLC Review
1200mp ($15.00) Or it came with your Mass Effect 2 game.

As of 10/7/10 the following is all you can get from Cerberus Network.
Note: Once you buy or put in the code for it you will have to download all of the following individually.

Feel free to skip my opinion sections.

New Teammate -
Zaeed - A merc, who secretly created the "Blue Suns". A ruthless but deadly ally with a face to show it... No joke, just look at his face.
+ Uses Sniper Rifles and Assault Rifles
+ Skills are Concussive Shot, Disruptor Ammo, and Inferno Grenade (Which, Shepard can use once he has completed Zaeed's Loyalty Mission.
+ No Mission earning him but he has a quick loyalty mission about revenge.
+ Yellow outfit, Turns Red when his loyalty mission is done.
+ Loyalty mission unlocks new Heavy Weapon. (M-451 FireStrom, read below)

Opinion: Feels a lot like playing with Garrus and making his Inferno Grenade your own power makes you remember having grenades in Mass Effect 1. Overall he is a great teammate to have but I do not like that you cannot talk to him to learn more about him while on your ship.

New Armor -
+ Cerberus Armor - bonus of 10% more Shields, Health, and Heavy Weapon Ammo.

Opinion: Nice bonus but I think the helmet is a bit big and the body of the armor makes you look rather... fat. But, I'm sure not everybody will think that.

New Weapons/Heavy Weapons -
+ M-22a Eviscerator Shotgun - Longer range and armor piercing.
+ M-451 FireStrom (Heavy) - Basic Flamethrower consumes a lot of heavy ammo. Found in Zaeed's Loyalty Mission.
+ Arc Projector (Heavy) - Shoots a single lightning bolt and the bolt travels from one enemy to the other.

Opinion: I found myself not using the Eviscerator Shotgun or the FireStrom but the Arc Projector is by far my most used heavy weapon now.

New Missions -
+ FireWalker Mission - 5 vehicle based missions in the new vehicle. Collect artifacts and earn money. Complete them all for a Sphere to be placed in your room on the ship as a souvenir.
+ Normandy Crash Site - See what happened to the first Normandy in the beginning of the game. Take a walk down memory lane and collect dog-tags of your fallen team. You can also find you old N7 helmet and when you do it, goes in your room on the ship as a souvenir.

Opinion: Normandy Crash Site was a treat, it was nice to walk around remembering things that happened in the first game. FireWalker on the other hand was a chore. It felt like the Mako all over again, if you die you have to restart from the beginning. Could have been fun if it wasn't so unforgiving.

Overall: 4/5,
5/5 if you got it for free.

I feel that if they keep putting stuff for free on the Cerberus Network it will pay for itself but for now, 1200mp for this content does not satisfy what I was expecting to get.
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ScarIet Death
628,494 (366,337)
ScarIet Death
Posted on 04 February 10 at 03:19, Edited on 29 June 10 at 23:11
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Cerberus Network is a fifteen dollar download through Xbox Live. However, if you purchased a new copy of Mass Effect, there is a code inside the box that entitles you to a free download of the Cerberus Network. Obviously, if you get the Cerberus Network for free, there is no reason not to download it.

I am more writing this review for the gamers who were unfortunate enough to buy a used copy, or for some other crazy reason do not have a code with there game.

Currently there are only two downloads offered on the Cerberus Network. The first of the content pieces is Zaeed, a ruthless mercenary who can be added to your party. Zaeed is a combat specialist and features powers similar to Grunt. Zaeed is incorporated into the main story ark and participates in the final mission along with the rest of your team.

The other piece of content is the Normandy Crash site, after the Normandy crashed Shepard can return to its final resting place and explore the wreckage by himself on foot. There he will see reminders of the first game and experience flashbacks of things such as the Mako and the old galaxy map. While exploring Shepard can collect 20 dog tags providing him with minor experience for each one, and erect a statue in memory of the original Normandy's crew.

Together, the to pieces of Content are not nearly worth fifteen dollars. In fact, I would not pay anything for the Normandy crash content, and no more than 240 microsoft points for Zaeed. The only reason I do recommend the Cerberus Network is Bioware's promise that more dlc is on the way in the next week or so. Hopefully this new content will make the cerberus network worth incorporating into Mass Effect. Now that I have finished Mass Effect 2, I am eagerly looking forward to the addition of new missions, characters, worlds, or anything else Bioware can come up with.
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