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Lost in Nightmares

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FallOut Phoenix
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FallOut Phoenix
Posted on 19 February 10 at 03:22, Edited on 10 March 12 at 10:13
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Lost in Nightmares is the first of the two DLC packs we have coming up. It is an homage to the original Resident Evil days with references to mansions, puzzles and even camera angles.

The content puts you in the shoes of Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine back when the two marched towards the Spencer Estate and began the road to Resident Evil 5's events. The content can be split into four segments. The first is a complete and utter reference to the first Resident Evil with puzzles replacing the enemies (on the easier difficulties). Old school fans might feel nostalgia on this segment. When part two and three arrives the action begins and you encounter a new enemy and while it may seem like a reskinned Executioner who traded in an axe for an anchor it is still deadly and should be approached with caution. The final segment is of course the battle with Wesker (No spoiler complaints please, you should already know this!).

Of course since this is downloadable content the graphics are mainly the same and the music is as ambient as ever. The only real gripe with this downloadable content is that when the action starts to pick up the game decides you've played enough and throws you right into the fire and ends it. Overall the DLC pack may seem lacking at first but if you truly enjoy Resident Evil games for what they are this is a great investment. However, the mission only lasts about an hour and runs can get shorter as you begin to learn more about your surroundings.

The DLC pack also grants access to two of The Mercenaries Reunion characters and lets you play as Barry Burton and Excella Gionne both of which are absolute beasts.

Overall chalk up one more star if you're a diehard RE fan other wise this pack may be underwhelming if you started on the series with RE4 or 5.
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Posted on 30 September 10 at 01:34
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Better Late Than Never Review: Resident Evil – Lost in Nightmares

Pardon me while I calm down from attempting Desperate Escape on Veteran difficulty…

Okay. I think I’m good now. Recently, Microsoft had a sale on the Resident Evil 5 DLC. I picked up both of these DLC’s for a very CAG-like bargain of 240 points each. Nice!

Obviously, if you have played Resident Evil 5, then you should know the gameplay and story. If you haven’t, you missed out on a great game and you should stop reading this and go get it. There may be spoilers for RE5 in this review. The graphic engine is the same. The controls are the same and its co-op just like RE5.

Lost in Nightmares features Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine on a mission taking place before the events of Resident Evil 5. This is the mission alluded to in RE5 where Jill sacrifices herself to save Chris by leaping at Wesker and crashing through a window from a mansion on a cliff, overlooking the sea. You arrive at the Spencer Estate after tracking down the founder of Umbrella, Ozwell Spencer.

For those that love the classic survival horror Resident Evil games, this DLC is for you. Lost in Nightmares is all about solving puzzles while backtracking (of course) and advancing through the mansion and its nefarious traps. You’ll be looking for passwords and reading documents that flesh out the story. The goal of this DLC was obvious, go back to the puzzle solving roots.

There may be only a few enemies to deal with, but they are tough, no doubt. Yes, I am ashamed to say that I was startled while continuing from a death because the game randomly placed a very nasty baddie with a huge axe, um, anchor looking thing. I like that variation. Depending on difficulty and reloading checkpoints, enemies can be randomly placed, though they’ll show up in designated areas they are supposed to. I won’t spoil all of the little nods to the original RE, but there are a few and it makes me wish there were the older versions available via XBLA. I mean, since when does Capcom shy away from spreading its games and remakes across all platforms?

Getting through the mansion itself shouldn’t be too tough. This DLC shines when you get to the basement/dungeon. As enter the dungeon, you are separated from Jill (or Chris depending on which character you are) for a moment, but you both lose your gear. Now you have to figure out how to get four pieces to a lock that gets you out. Guess who has the pieces? That’s right; more of these axe/anchor baddies to deal with. You’ll be using your brains, not your brawns…err…weapons. You have to utilize your partner to set the traps for these guys, which isn’t complicated with one roaming around the dungeon maze, but two or three? It took a few tries before I got it. I even managed to kill two with one trap. Nice!

Ultimately, it all leads to the “final” showdown with Wesker. Remember the fight from RE5 when Jill was under his control? Same fight. I had a hell of time with the timing and randomness of the quick time button presses on Professional difficulty.

All in all, if you run through this episode, solving puzzles, avoiding fights, you’ll likely power through this DLC in an hour or less, even on Professional difficulty. That’s probably the only real drawback of this DLC. It is short, but enjoyable and worth the experience, back story, and cut scenes if you love RE. You can do it single player, or co-op local or online. For the price (even at the full 400 MSP), I don’t think you could ask for much more. This is the kind of DLC that keeps a game fresh.

And, for those that know my achievement whoring ways, five achievements for one hundred points. It’s pretty easy to knock out on Lost in Nightmares.
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