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Desperate Escape

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FallOut Phoenix
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FallOut Phoenix
Posted on 04 March 10 at 18:47, Edited on 10 March 12 at 10:12
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Desperate Escape is the second of the two DLC packs for Resident Evil 5 and is the complete opposite of Lost in Nightmares.

Where Lost in Nightmares focused on puzzles and traps, Desperate Escape prefers the method of handing you guns and you fight your way out. This chapter of the RE5 story takes place during 6-1 and 6-2 in the perspective of Jill Valentine and Josh Stone. The three segments end up sharing one basic characteristic: Action. The first part simply gets your feet wet and the other two parts is essentially a battlefield for survival. Rockets, Executioners, Reapers, Gatling guns, you name it the enemy has it in one playthrough or another. While Desperate Escape doesn't provide a new enemy like Lost in Nightmares did, the waves of constant enemies may mean that's a good thing.

Desperate Escape ditches the ambiance of Lost in Nightmares, due to the two complete different settings. But like Lost in Nightmares, Desperate Escape has it's share of flaws. The AI is barely passable and I'm not just talking about your AI partner. The AI partner has a tendency of getting in your way blocking your shots and making everything a little bit harder. I suppose that's why Capcom decided to make the enemies stupid as well, I have a fair share of encounters where the Majini sit there while I shoot at them. If they happen to survive they'll begin to react otherwise you just killed a statue.

Like Lost in Nightmares this DLC pack also provides access to two more Mercenaries Reunion characters. Rebecca Chambers from RE0 fame and Josh Stone.

Desperate Escape definitely has more thrills than Lost in Nightmares but while Lost in Nightmares has the crowd of the past Resident Evil games to please it's hard to tell who Desperate Escape is supposed to please. The fanbase of the action? There are better titles to kill hordes of enemies. The crowd of people who enjoy the older Resident Evil games? Desperate Escape lacks the charm of the older games.

Regardless pick this up if you're up for a fight otherwise you might want to look past this.
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Posted on 30 September 10 at 01:35
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I’ll get to my frustration with Desperate Escape in a moment. Let’s get the vitals out of the way.

Desperate Escape is a side story episode involving Jill’s escape after Chris and Sheva kick her ass then save her. She is actually assisted by Josh, the BSAA agent from RE5.

Okay, all of that puzzle solving stuff? Throw it out the window. It’s Josh and Jill, limited ammo and health, and unlimited zombies. There are plenty of explosions from barrels and rocket turrets. There’s regular Majini, Chainsaw Majini, Gatling Gun Majini, and even those crazy walking insect Majini!

Desperate Escape is split up into three areas. In the first area, you’ll be killing Majini until you spawn some Chainsaw Majini that drop keys and let you continue on. Tough, but not horribly difficult. You’ll have to manage your ammo on the higher difficulties. Jill ran out of ammo on my play through until we got further in and were able to kill or find enough to make it last. The next area is where the difficulty ramps up big time. You have to fight, or run preferably, through mobs of Majini that hit hard on the higher difficulties. There were times I’d be running past a Majini and somehow he’d still be quick enough to hit me with a bottle or machete as I pushed past. The goal is to get up to some rocket turrets that you use to blow up doors that let you move through the stage. If you aren’t playing co-op, pray that your AI partner can handle the Majini climbing up the ladders to your perch and for god sakes, blow those doors up before the crazy insect ones hop up there!

Once you get through all of that mess, it’s the final area. You have to survive 5 minutes while your helicopter ride shows up. This is where the game gave me fits while playing Veteran difficulty. Waves of Majini keep coming. At the four minute mark, a Gatling Gun Majini comes up an elevator. I found it best to not even kill him. Just kill what you must. Find all the heals you can. Keep Josh or Jill close and run around a lot. I was 40 seconds away until my AI partner took one too many hits after being resuscitated repeatedly.

Where Lost in Nightmares is the thinking man’s RE5 DLC, Desperate Escape is the run and gun DLC. Both have their merits. Both provide some interesting scenarios that were touched upon in RE5. Of the differences, I would say that the side story here is less intriguing than Lost in Nightmares. The difficulty is amped up in Desperate Escape too because of the amount of enemies you have to deal with. I was frustrated getting through the second area and gave up on the final timed area on Veteran difficulty and you need to beat Veteran to unlock Professional... Challenging, but not cheap is how I would describe it.

I would highly recommend getting both episodes. Capcom did a good job on creating two completely different games on these DLC, like yin and yang. You know the graphics and gameplay are great. So, dust off that RE5 and go to town. Bring a friend, you might need it for the Beat Desperate Escape on Professional achievement…

4 out of 5
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