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Krokodil Grot
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Krokodil Grot
Posted on 14 April 10 at 03:06
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No fancy stuff here, I'm going to get down to the nitty-gritty.

Kasumi adds a few things to your Mass Effect 2 experience.

First: A new loyalty mission.

This mission isn't incredibly exciting at its start. You're basically going to be doing some errands for a good chunk of the time. The action that ensues after completing your main goal is as fun as ME2 combat ever is, but nothing particularly new comes up besides enemies with flash grenades. The "boss" fight isn't incredibly challenging, though it may be slightly annoying on the higher difficulties. On the other hand, the mission's story is well done, at least as good as the stories for the other loyalty missions found in ME2. The mission is solid for the most part, but the lack of fresh content is disheartening. It is about the same length as the other loyalty missions, so you're getting about an hour of new content.

Second: New squadmate, Kasumi.

I found Kasumi to be useful in battle. She is trained in the use of pistols and SMGs, and can use the overload power. Her most interesting aspect is the new power she introduces, shadow strike. With this power, Kasumi goes ninja (invisble), sneaks up behind an enemy, and delivers a very powerful punch to the back of the noggin. It is particularly useful for damaging and incapacitating stronger enemies, since they are rendered immobile for a few seconds after being hit. After completing her loyalty mission, Kasumi gains the use of flash grenades, which are useful for blinding and incapacitating enemies as well.

Like Zaeed, Kasumi can talk at you, but has no dialog. She seems very interesting during her mission and when she talks at you, but it is hard to really come to like a character when you never really interact with them. I really wish they would have given her dialog, as I think she could have been a very interesting character given the chance.

Third: A new SMG, the M-12 Locust

The Locust is an overall good weapon. Damage is slightly lower the the Tempest, but accuracy is significantly higher and recoil is almost nonexistant. A useful gun, but nothing earth shattering.


New squadmate Kasumi, comes with awesome shadow strike power
Solid-storied and fairly fun loyalty mission
New gun, particularly useful for non-soldier types
An hour of content

Kasumi, like Zaeed, cannot be interacted with outside of her loyalty mission
Loyalty mission is rather slow at first
Nothing particularly new to show besides Kasumi's shadow strike
An hour of content

While enjoyable for the most part, the Kasumi DLC is pretty lacking on new content. Character interaction is nonexistant. An hour's worth of content is all you get, I'll let the reader decide if that is too little or too much for the price. The DLC is not worth playing a new game over, but fits well into an ongoing playthrough, however the price is a little steep for what you get.

I give it a 6/10.
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Posted on 03 March 13 at 01:10
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Kasumi's Stolen Memory

This DLC takes place as a side mission, similar to the Cerberus Network. Upon completion of this DLC you gain: a new teammate, bonus weapons and upgrades, and an ever expancive storyline and dialog.

Kasumi is a master thief, but needs the infamy and charm of Commander Shepard to pull off one last heist. Kasumi has lost something near and dear to her at the hands of a crime boss, know as Donovan Houck. You, in a rather exciting change of pace, must attend a formal even to his mansion.

Once inside, the game is very slow to start, mostly searching and unlocking doors. Once you gain access to the vault, you get a very breathtaking moment as we gaze upon the Statue of Liberty's head, michelangelo's Dave, and many more prized treasures Kasumi wishes she could "barrow". While retrieving the important greybox, a futurinst hardrive if you would, Houck reveals himself and thus, the shooting begins!

After killing endless waves of security, you finally meet Houck himself, ohh, and his gunship (remember Archangel rescue). Kasumi gets close and personal, as you found out in Mass Effect while persuing Ashley, Liara, or Tahli, and wipes his grin off his face. Once defeated, a ride back to the normany reveals the truth about Kasumi and her master.

All in all, a decent hour DLC if your quick. The story is very inspiring and adds another sence of depth to the ME universe and dedication to character development towards freindship and leadership, for the price, 560MSP I believe, or $7 for those of you who could care less about MSP. Highly recommend this DLC to anyone who is a diehard fan of the series, or just wants a change of pace from the looting and shooting and dieing of Mass Effect. Legohaulic seal of approval, go get'em shepard!

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