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Dante's Inferno

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There are 54 Dante's Inferno achievements (42 without DLC) worth 2,207 (1,290)

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Trials of St. Lucia

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This DLC has been removed from the Microsoft Store and is no longer available for purchase.

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There are 10 achievements worth 653 (250)


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Posted on 29 April 10 at 12:17
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To get more or less straight to the point this is a waste of your 800 MS points. One thing I have to point out is that I was a big fan of the game itself so was coming into this with an expected bias to enjoy this, which left me very disappointed.
Anyone with a copy of Dante's previous to this coming out would have noticed the Coming Soon sign on the Trials of St. Lucia. At the time it came with a video explaining what was going to be coming which seemed like a good concept. The idea was to create an arena in which you can battle beasts of your own design in strength and combos, play other ones made by people all over the world and upload yours for everyone else to play as well. Unfortunately it didn't turn out as well as it seemed, to be fair it did exactly what it offered but it was the actual mechanics of it that let it down.
Creating the arenas offers you very little to do in them only able to customise the health, strength and other bits like health offerings after defeating them. You can customize the arena to have traps and health fountains which are only in selected places, which isn't a downfall as such but does leave certain areas a bit vacant. The biggest problem is the 'budget' in each wave of the arena you have a set budget which dictates how many things you can get out. The issue with this is that you can only squeeze in a few different enemies if you are after a more challenging area.
But I may be being a bit harsh on the creator area, I did enjoy making them and think this could be kind of difficult to master in making something more than the same wave of enemies again and again.
Where the biggest failing is, is in playing the other levels created by others. There is no real way for you to see what you are in for before you get into it, some will have a very easy few waves and then one will suddenly crop up with an extreme difficulty rating which will push it over the edge difficulty wise. There are little bits you can check but some will be rated 'Bronze' meaning the easiest difficulty and you will cruise through the first few waves only to hit a very difficult wall only to fail.

My biggest problem with this is that it should have been a core game add-on, not an 800 point addition. It was obviously planned as you can tell by the fact it had a coming soon option, and why it was released months after the game fell into near obscurity?
I would love to say this is the extra bit this game needed to make it a classic but in fact it is the add-on to make it that extra bit longer to 100% achievement wise and it isn't going to be an enjoyable chase to finish this and get the extra 10 achievements.

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Posted on 27 February 14 at 23:21
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You will either like this DLC and really get your money's worth, or absolutely hate it missing one achievement from a full completion. I am not one who likes to create challenges etc. using the editor. I did not spend much time doing this other than to get the achievements that require it which took maybe an hour tops. The medals given to each trial does not really indicate difficulty like you would assume is the case. Some Bronze trials are more difficult than Platinum ones. Most of the trials you find are just quick ones thrown together for people to breeze thru and get easy / quick achievements, but not really designed to be played. The regular retail game, and the Dark Forrest DLC all had super easy achievements. All of the achievements here too are easy with the exception of "Its in the Trial". This has 25 single player and 15 multiplayer challenges that were created by some of the EA game designers. These are extremely tough and require skill and teamwork to succeed. You can not pick out easy ones, as there are only 25 single player and 15 multiplayer ones available. Because everything else in this game is so easy, I really enjoyed the challenge of these EA trials. It forces you to learn moves you never had to know when playing the regular game. It gets your heart racing and you get a great feeling of accomplishment when you and a buddy get thru one after numerous failed attempts. This varies based on skill, but this one achievement will take you approx. the same amount of time as getting all the other achievements in the game. You realistically are looking at approx. 20hrs to complete this DLC 100%. If you are willing to put the time in and are ready for a challenge, I highly recommend this DLC.
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