Outlaws to the End Co-Op Mission Pack

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Outlaws to the End Co-Op Mission Pack


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    This Co-Op Mission Pack is a real treat for yourself and up to three of your friends.

    Costing no M$oft points (because it only needed unlocked/patched from the game disc) I was figuring it'd be a cheap attention grabber. Yes, the missions only lasted a good four hours to complete them all, and their respected achievements. However, when judging this add-on in terms of its peers, it was far more exciting and enjoyable than most other downloadable content.

    $10 worth of M$oft points usually gets you a 2-hour outing into a copy/pasted environment in a game you own. While the same textures were used for these missions, they offered completely different experiences that more closely resembled single-player missions, than the hideouts of Free Roam. This immediately impressed me.

    The six missions handle drastically different, and require different strategies and gameplay variations for their completion. The Ammunition mission reminded me so much of intense sieges on La Salida (sp? yes, I keep changing my spelling of it (the Mexican fortress with the cannons/chain guns)) in Free Roam, while maintaining the frantic atmosphere of a single player mission.

    Others involving carriage rides had me nearly stressing out as much as an ODST Firefight, or CoD:MW2's Spec-Ops. Yes, this game isn't nearly as challenging as those two games' modes...However, because the feeling was mimicked, I was instantly impressed. (could just be because I'm a worry-wart)

    Overall, I congratulate Rockstar for this add-on and its quality, though we all know it was already included in our purchase...Regardless, because of these missions, I'm convinced that Rockstar is worthy of my gaming-money.