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Big Killa C
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Big Killa C
Posted on 07 September 12 at 03:18, Edited on 07 September 12 at 04:01
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The one and only DLC for Star Wars: The Force Unleahed 2, Endor is a decent offering. As with the original Force Unleashed DLC, Endor is once again a "what if" scenario. It is set in an alternate Star Wars universe that is not actual Star Wars canon.

For only 80 MSP you get a sometimes entertaining, sometimes head scratching 45 minutes of lighstaber wielding. You are a clone of the antagonist Starkiller who is on the planet Endor during the rebel attack on the second Death Star during Return of the Jedi. Under the command of Darth Vader, you are a baddie out to kill some "Rebel Scum."

The first locale is set outside the Shield Generator. This is where the fun begins. Anyone who has dreamed of killing those little bastard Ewoks gets their chance right away. Many overgrown teddy bears are available to be dismembered. Trust me when I say you will WANT to perform a SITH KICK.

Fighting your way Inside the Shield Generator you close in on the Rebel Scum. After several interactions with various memorable characters, the mission ends in a WTF moment when you fight a character who has never wielded a lightsaber before but suddenly is an almighty Jedi Master.

The two boss fights leave something to be desired, as does the ending cutscene. Lucasarts does a spot on job re-creating the world of Endor, but I really get the feeling that this DLC was an apology for the short length of the main story of The Force Unleashed 2.

The Achievements are par for the course. Several secret achievements are story related and unmissable. Finding those lovely holocrons and beating the story round out the majority of the achievements. This leads me to one of the most entertaining achievements I have unlocked in a LONG time. "Sith Kicker" is awarded for drop kicking 10 ewoks. You will WANT to do that over and over, trust me. Overall a fairly simply 200 gamerscore.

- Only 80 MSP
- You get to KILL EWOKS.

- Relatively short
- Easy, strange boss fights
- Head scratching WTF ending

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28,763 28,763 GamerScore
Posted on 19 August 11 at 23:53, Edited on 20 August 11 at 13:56
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This is one of those cases where you really do get what you pay for.

The scene takes place right after the conclusion of the first campaign. If you chose to go to the dark side after finishing the game, then this is what would happen.

Starkiller's Evil clone has been set out to end the rebel's rebelonisy rebellion, that would have destroyed the death star. You have to fight through dozen of Ewoks and rebel guys as advance to the power plant thingie. (Im sorry for mah terminology, but im sure you can figure it out)

The controls are exactly the way they were and its just like playing with the original Starkiller.

One of the 2 big battles is where the base is guarded by Han Solo and Chewbacca. You actually get to kill them! Chewbacca is in a AT-whatchamajig, and Han has a rocket launcher, the battle is pretty easy but having the chance to kill them is fun.

The second big battle is a fight with princess Leia. This part was what ruined it for me. It just didn't feel right. You would think that she is just some defenseless person that you would simply murder. BUT NO

she..shes pulling out something.....yes....i can see it now...... its....its......
Suddenly she is now a Jedi (IDK why. This fight is actually pretty difficult. 2/3 of it is fight her head on with the lightsaber, which was awesome! (I really missed all the head on lightsaber duels from the first one)
1/3 of it is fighting against the laser turret things that she has setup.

And then its over, just that quick. And you think to yourself how t felt so fast. And then you realize that the thing only lasted 10 minutes.

The achievements on this are done well at least. They are all pretty obvious. You know what your supposed to do and you do it.Simple.

If you have a dollar just buy it. Its fun enough to drop kick ewoks all day.

Starkiller: *menacing stare*
Ewok: *blank gaze*
Starkiler: "EWOK DROP KICK!" (x+a)
Ewok: AAAYYIEEE!!!! *while flying through air*
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151,906 (89,226)
Posted on 24 March 11 at 22:15
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Mostly agree with this review:

The storyline is horrible. The cut scenes are terrible. Graphics are OK (except for the cut scenes). Force powers seem glitchy also, I noticed that the mind trick sometimes worked, sometimes didn't. Even when it did it only lasted a few seconds then wore off as if you didn't use it at all.

The only reason to get this at all is if you want to complete the game since it adds new achievements and the price isn't bad at only 80 ms points.

The only part of the review I disagree with is where it says "A character that should not be wielding a lightsaber". I have no issues with Leia having a lightsaber but in the context of this storyline it sort of sucks.

The ending is even worse and extremely disappointing. The first line of the review says it all "Sometimes, you get what you pay for".
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