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The Writer


    19 Oct 2010 11 May 2011
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    DLC 2, Alan Wake: The Writer (Released October 12th, 2010)

    The second and final DLC for Alan Wake, "The Writer" picks up where the last one left off. Now that Alan is aware of the entity that has taken reign over him, he must battle his way through many nightmarish situations that populate his darkened world. The journey is an exhilarating one that can leave you breathless at certain points. For its final DLC release Remedy sends Alan Wake off in style and paves the way for its potential sequel.

    As you begin to make your way through "The Writer" you will be able to notice how much more intense the suspense is compared to its predecessor "The Signal". While Taken are still an active threat, Alan also has to deal with an environment that is comprised of innumerable dangers and is constantly changing in order to throw yet another roadblock before him in his quest for answers. Alan is also presented with a startling revelation that adds further chaos and confusion to his already diluted mindset. In the end he ultimately has to face a challenge that is unlike any he has faced up to this point.

    Achievement wise it is very similar to the ones found in "The Signal", with a total of nine achievements worth 250 gamerscore and consisting of the now-standard 'complete the level without dying or reloading a checkpoint', 'collect x number of this', etc. Compared to "The Signal" I found these achievements much easier to come by and less likely to induce massive amounts of rage. Completing "The Writer" without dying or reloading a checkpoint was much easier than with "The Signal", with there only being a few moments that create anxiety and make you hold your breath. Even the collecting achievement was highly fun, requiring you to collect 10 copies of the fictitious 'Night Springs' video game. All in all they are not overtly difficult to obtain.

    It is a real shame that "The Writer" marks the final DLC release for Alan Wake, but Remedy has left us with something that will most certainly leave a lasting impression on the fans. I rate "The Writer" 5/5 and am inclined to say that this is the better of the two DLCs.
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    13 Dec 2014
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    By far one of the worst DLC packages ever released. Alan Wake as a main, standalone game was a great experience, I describe it as "Alone in the Dark done right". The Writer takes the things that made the game fun, fresh, and original and totally tosses them out the window. From the beginning, The Writer introduces a lot of platforming, which is its biggest downfall. Alan Wake is by no means a platformer, and wasn't designed to be played as such. Timed jumps, puzzle sequences, and awkward movements plague this DLC, adding unnecessary frustration to what should have been a straightforward experience. The "shine your light on words to make things appear" factor is still included, yet another thing that sucks the experience from the game. You would also expect a conclusion to the story, after playing through 8 episodes (including The Signal) and reading the manuscript pages, but you're left with another cliffhanger.

    The combat that made the game a different experience is now mostly replaced with using the flashlight words to change the environment in ways that kill enemies, as opposed to actually engaging in combat. This also leads to frustrating moments, when the magically appearing items seem to completely bypass enemies spawning in. There's no new environments, just rehashes of the areas you've already thoroughly explored. Not a worthy addition to Alan Wake at all.