Undead Nightmare Pack

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Undead Nightmare Pack


  • jukematejukemate317,251
    09 Apr 2013 03 Oct 2014
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    (So, this is my first ever review on any sort of video game. If you could give me a little slack it would be appreciated. I always wanted to try reviews so any comments or feedback on my review would be thankful, I take criticism well. smile Anyway to the review!!!)

    Alright, everyone loves zombies (especially me) and people just love shooting the crap out of them. So, when you take an excellent game like Red Dead Redemption and throw in all kinds of crazy stuff which include undead zombies (which is a given), freaky animals, and even sasquatches; the end of the world has never felt so much fun. Plus, the feeling of you just chilling in the wild west on your creepy adventure in some vast desert looking over your shoulder every second to make sure there aren't any creepy punks trying to jump you gives off a great atmosphere with excitement and fear. Before I get into more details about the gameplay and other mechanics in the game, let's begin with a little rundown about the plot of this awesome DLC (with just a few tiny spoilers but nothing that will ruin the story).

    The Plot:

    The story begins on a nasty, stormy night and our protagonist, John Marston, is coming home to his family ranch, but for some reason, John is feeling a little eerie about his coming home saying that he has a strange feeling and thinks weird things are afoot. He can tell this by noticing signs like the weird weather and animals freaking out. (Also, I would like to bring up that the story of this DLC is sort of integrated with the original time line of Red Dead Redemption and happens just before Red Dead Redemption's ending, to clear up any confusion. Then again others have said that it could be a what-if scenario and doesn't belong at all with the original Red Dead timeline, but you can believe which way you want.) Finally home and with his family; they all go to bed to get some nice, peaceful sleep. Suddenly, John and his family are awaken by the family's long time friend, Uncle; who is looking a little under the weather. John tries to calm him down and see what is wrong with him, (he's a zombie, bro) but in all the confusion, John and his wife are now outside and Uncle has bitten her. John's son then comes outside to see what is going on and he is bitten too. Not wanting to kill his beloved family because of their nasty plague, John ties them up and puts them in his house. John then realizes he must go on another adventure, grabs his guns, and suits up as he locks his home down and goes out into the world to find a solution to this hellish nightmare and save his family once more.

    Now let's talk about the gameplay.


    Let me say first that this is just a DLC, not a full long worked on game, so it is not as long as the original Red Dead but still long and fun enough that you will get you're moneys worth. It will take about 5-7 hours if you are just playing the story and a few hours more to get 100%.

    The gameplay is pretty much you( John) going around saving towns all over the West while doing missions to get you closer to solving this apocalypse. Along the way you get side missions that let you meet people you got to love and hang around with during the original Red Dead and get to see how they are cooping with the zombie outbreak. Plus you also have random encounters around the world like people that need help with zombies which are always fun to do.

    You still have the big beautiful world you played in on Red Dead; they didn't just limit one section of the map to this DLC, you get the whole shi-BANG. Along with the big open map, you also can do those little tasks in your journal before like little challenges you can do while dealing with zombies that reward you with some sweet weapons and some nice achievements.

    Let's get into the shooting and travel now. Undead Nightmare has three levels or shooting which are: Casual, Normal, and Expert. I would stick to Normal or even Casual because with Casual targeting, John aims straight for the head of the zombies, but if that gets too easy, set it to Normal, where John aims at the zombie but just a little below the head with makes it a tad bit difficult. Only do Expert if you want a really hard challenge because that makes you aim all by yourself which can get super annoying when you got 20 zombies on your butt.

    Along with the Targeting System, they brought most of the good ol' weapons from the original Red Dead for you to use at your disposal ,but even better is that they give you some new toys to play around with like an awesome shotgun and a few explosive objects that can give you the edge on the walkers. With travel, it is a whole new experience too, at the beginning of the game you get some bland horse ,but once you start killing some zombies and do some exploring, you discover these sweet new horses that look like they came from Hell and you can capture them too, and once you finally capture the demonic beast, they give you perks when you ride them like unlimited sprint or it might have fire on the horse which makes you look like a Bad-Ass. Only thing that sucks now is that you can't fast travel from a campsite anymore, only way to travel quickly is go to a town you have saved and then you can finally go anywhere you want.

    Now that I have said most about the gameplay, lets talk about the looks of Undead Nightmare


    I feel the graphics are one of the cool things Rockstar does with this DLC. It feels like you are still playing in the Wild West with the beautiful scenery and sky-line but also the environment makes you feel like the world has turned to Hell at the same time. Things like a evil looking night sky all the way from the howls of demonic creatures a distance away always to remind you that you aren't safe.

    Now that's all said and done; time to bring up the Multiplayer.


    With this DLC, you get a new mode called "Undead Overrun". This is pretty much you and 3 friends can face waves and waves of zombies until your heart's content or until you get molested by zombies. The only other thing that's new is a new game type in free roam called "Land Grab". This is pretty much you go to a building and hit play Land Grab and it starts a round of king-of-the-hill where everyone in the free roam session can come and take you on. Unfortunately nobody ever is interested in playing Land Grab anymore unless they are really bored. Also I forgot to mention new playable avatars (zombie edition). Only thing that would make the multiplayer better for Undead is that they made a free roam where lots of people could join and zombies would be running around everywhere.

    Last but not least in this review are the ACHIEVEMENTS


    The achievements in Undead Nightmare actually aren't that to difficult. With most of the achievements revolving around story progression and 100% the game; it's pretty easy to get most of the achievements if you set your mind to it. Only multiplayer achievements are on Undead Overrun which is simple with a little aim assistance change and the only achievements that really sucks on this DLC that goes with the mode (you guessed it), Land Grab, which you will no doubt have to boost for or have a big free roam session and be good with guns.

    The Final Judgment:

    Undead Nightmare is no doubt worth the ten bucks it costs because there aren't many down points. With people already loving Red Dead Redemption and gameplay and graphics working in harmony, there is no way you could pass this up. Only thing I'm complaining about is that multiplayer could have gotten more features and after you 100% the single player; there isn't much replay ability left.

    I give Undead Nightmare 4.5 stars out of 5. WOOT
  • ReadytkReadytk356,364
    05 Mar 2011 26 Apr 2011
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    Right so this my first review, and it'll be a brief one. Undead Nightmare adds more RDR gameplay, with a twist, The West is now in a zombie apocalypse.

    The graphics are the same as they've always been,

    The storyline of this dlc is an interesting one, I'm not going to ruin the plot for you, but it is a mysterious and intriging plotline. John Marston searches across the west for the source and cure for the zombie plague.

    As for replayability, this dlc adds lots to do, new challenges to do, 'legendary' mounts to find, outfits to unlock, the missing person side missions etc. New weopons are added to the arsenal of RDR, with the sawn-off shotgun, the blunderbuss, holy water, and other anti zombie weoponry. There's also a few adds to multiplayer, with a whole new zombie set of characters, a new game mode in which you fight of waves of the undead (sound familiar anyone?), and all the new weopons are available in this gamemode.

    All in all it's worth a buy, and I strongly recommend giving it a download, also, If you do not have either the 'Legends & Killers pack' or the 'Liars and Cheats pack' I suggest downloading the 'Undead collection, which has all three packs for 1600 ms points, thats 800 less than buying all 3 seperately.