The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned

3.96117,09076,940 (66%)4-5 h
The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned


  • JimTheSafetyManJimTheSafetyMan146,099
    21 Jan 2011 26 Feb 2011
    9 1 3
    Carrying over the same humor from the main story-line this DLC does not disappoint. You'll find yourself on the Island of Dr. Ned fighting zombies, were-skags, and a fFrankenstein's monster or two.

    The island is where Jacobs used to manufacture it's weapons, that is until some fool unleashes a zombie hoard. Your job is to clean up the island and bring some order back to the island.

    This will add about 4-5 hours to your game, a little more if you're hunting the braaaains achievement. It was fairly quick and you won't get too much XP as the zombies were under-leveled and easy to dispatch with a shotgun, of course. Dont let the ease of this DLC discourage you, if you enjoyed the main game, you'll get a kick out of this.
  • LegohaulicLegohaulic42,421
    30 May 2012
    5 2 0
    The Zombie Island of Doctor Zed.... err Ned! A continuation of the Borderlands story, we look into the Jakobs copreration, the premiere weapons manufacturer. We are an "employee" of Jakobs and must eliminate Dr. Ned who, threw a storke of luck, infested the whole island with his zombie exsperiment gone wrong. It is at this point in the game we recieve Orange Weapond SDU's, maxing out your weapon capabilities for ammunition. roughly a two day DLC to complete, including hunting all 5 Achievments, very fun, funny, and quite a unique twist in comparison to the usual enemies of Pandora. overall, if purchasing the Borderlands GOTY, you already have them, but for future players with the standard Borderlands it is a must have
  • StininskyStininsky61,425
    04 Feb 2011
    7 4 0
    The only downside with this DLC, is how mr. Baha is missed easy.
    And there's a lot of running in this one but great fun training for headshots. :)

    I like the different Zombies, and if you play this DLC early during the main quest, you will have a challenge. If you're a Corrisive element fan, you might want to consider other elements.wink

    The big thumbs up, is the humouristic references, I'll mention only 2 things: T.K. Baha and Zed with a moustache (dr. Ned).laugh

    I was somehow dissapoointed with much of the loot though, a DLC should have more extraordinary weapons, but then again, I got a very nice revolver. dance
  • NekokariNekokari94,218
    30 Aug 2018 30 Aug 2018
    0 0 0
    MUSIC: Nothing special about the music in the DLC.

    Graphics: Standard to the base game, though it adds new character models and skins.

    Story: With the references and humor presented the story behind this DLC is delightful. Fighting Dr. Ned (Zed's brother) provides some conclusion (twice) and the overall feel of the story is that you accomplish something worth while for the Jakobs corporation.

    Gameplay: The redesigned enemies such as the zombies provide a great method to train on head shots. The overall gameplay isn't very different from the base game, but it offers a fair bit of fun to the game.

    Overall: A good addition to the base game. This DLC has a lot of little references to classic horror themes. It also provides great training for getting head shots. This DLC is fun and gives a nice boost the base game. 4 out of 5 stars.