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The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

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The third DLC for Borderlands was released to much fanfare for many reasons: increases to max level caps, new areas to explore, a new boss that had millions of hit points and very tricky minions, and just plain and simple more action for one of the 360's best shooter/RPG games. Adding another 250G to your GamerScore came with great enjoyment with this DLC pack and for good value!

The story is simple: you're out to find General Knoxx and his Secret Armory, choked-full of weapons and mystery that would make Marcus weap. All you had to do was a few side missions here and there to get to him! And when I say missions, I mean 44 different missions to make you enjoy or dispise this DLC.

You do your typical thing by blasting across wide wastelands until you find your destinations, shoot everything around it, and listen for updates from Scooter or Athena, an adversary to General Knoxx and your employer, as you scrounge for weapons and ammo.

It's a storyline that fits perfectly well into the Borderlands ouvre so you aren't going to get much better or much originality from this. But you aren't playing this for originality! You want the levels and the achievements!

Story: 7.5 out of 10

Your gameplay hasn't changed much from your original Borderlands playthrough: you run, you gun, you deploy your special ability, repeat. Your style and character dictates how you play and what weapons you look for, unless you come across the holiest of holy Cyan-coloured weapons and pick up a Pearlescent weapon.

The DLC itself provides plenty of missions, 44 to be exact, for you to complete while searching for what you truly seek. SOme of the missions are wonderful, while others get more tedious that you just want them to end and end soon! MArcus gives you these ridiculous kill-count achievements in which you must kill X number of soldiers that will drive you batty! But there are some definite gems, like working for Mad Moxxi clearing her whorish name from the sides of buildings and bridges.

The enemies ramp things up slightly until you hit Crawmerax the Invincible. Now we're talking about a serious boss! Do yourself a huge favour: finish this guy at least once without using any of the available glitches or hacked weapons. To kill him legitimately is quite the feat and well worth the achievement that accompanies him. But be prepared for a battle!

Gameplay: 8 out of 10

As this is a DLC pack and not a review of an actual game, the look and feel category relies heavily on the original game. Fortunately, Borderlands has an amazing visual style and a great set of sound effects, voice-overs, and musical tracks that flesh out the world of the Secret Armory. We're introduced to new characters with new voices and they add great VO work and clevel dialogue to an already hilarious game.

There's nothing really new here so just appreciate what's available.

The Look and Sound: 8.5 out of 10

Achievements are easy enough to come by save for the completing of all missions, which is tedious for some and may be passed up once this DLC pack is finished. My recommendation is to talk to Marcus and get his achievements done DURING your first playthrough. This makes the soldier killing mission so much easier, though the travel aspect of this game is terribly long and boring.

You'll get your basic levelling-up achievements, your boss killing, and your collectible hunting (the loot midgets) so enjoy them and you'll easily get your 250G in no time.

Replay value is a little tricky here as once the main story was done and I had my achievements, I deleted it immediately to cause the Claptrap DLC to be easier (more on that in another review). Unless you are hunting for weapons in the Armory or just want to fight Crawmerax again, you probably won't play this again anytime soon.

Replay Value: 7 out of 10

Overall, this DLC, in comparison to the two that came before it, was a nice breath of fresh air. Zombies are great but they are overplayed. And the arena battles for Mad Moxxi blew. So this was a huge, expansive new world with great bosses, interesting characters and a fun storyline that gets an old Borderlands veteran easily back into this great game.

Overall: 8.5 out of 10
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Brenin Watson
563,252 (340,337)
Brenin Watson
Posted on 11 November 10 at 16:40
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800mp ($10.00) for this generous DLC.

Other than the new "Claptrap's New Robot Revolution" DLC, Which I have not played yet. This is the best DLC for this game.

This DLC pack has tons more missions for you to do. I spent a lot of time playing through all of the missions with friends and by myself. I beat through it twice, mostly for three missions at the end of the story. Trust me, its pretty damn awesome. You will get TONS of loot.

The level cap goes from 50 to 61, again I have not played "Claptrap's New Robot Revolution" so if there is another level cap upgrade, then I don't know about it. The the new level cap is very nice and sorta odd... being 61 but I like it because nobody does that in any other video games.

There is a new crazy hard boss named "Crawmerax the Invincible" and he would be "Invincible" if it wasn't for people and their modded weapons. If you play legit this dude is crazy hard. But all in all, its a very nice addition.

There are three new vehicles, but technically 2 new ones because the Racer looks identical to the one we have already seen. Its about time they put some new vehicles in the game.

Lots of new locations, enemies, and things to find and collect. There are a whole lot more weapons for the level cap and there are "Loot Midgets" to find for an achievement.

This DLC is great, one of the best that I have ever bought and I have bought A LOT. Many new features for a generous price, this could have easily been worth 1200mp.

I give it a 5/5, a perfect new addition.
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