Claptrap's New Robot Revolution

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Claptrap's New Robot Revolution


  • punkyliarpunkyliar190,516
    07 Nov 2010 29 Jan 2014
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    This is the fourth piece of DLC for Borderlands. I did enjoy it, and I've spent hours on Borderlands, so I've decided to review it. If leaving negative feedback, please give a reason so that I can improve on this in future reviews.


    The Hyperion Corporation wanted to get rid of the team of bounty hunters. The bounty hunters were preventing the sale of new weapons by making too much money from selling second-hand weapons. The Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap is sent to kill you. However, the INAC doesn’t like seeing the way that his fellow claptraps are treated and decides to lead them in a rebellion. The rebellion becomes a revolution. The Hyperion Corporation (ironically) has hired you to quash the revolution.

    This campaign takes you to Tartarus Station, where you meet Tannis and receive your first mission. The campaign introduces 21 new missions, although only 7 of these make up the main storyline. The missions follow the old blueprints – go here, meet this person, kill these, collect those, and as usual you can have several missions activated at once. To be honest though, a lot of the fun to be gained in this DLC is by exploring. Tartarus Station itself is huge; it’s much bigger than New Haven, and there are many treasure chests and other lootables hidden throughout. I’ve done a lot of exploring but I doubt if I’ve found everything. The weapons that you get from these chests are much better quality than previous DLCs and the original game; I’ve received purple and orange weapons from the ordinary white treasure chests, even in the first playthrough. There are also quite a few pop culture references dotted throughout, adding humour to the plot.

    I’ve heard criticisms that the DLC is too short, but bear in mind that Zombie Ned only had 25 new missions itself. It is the shortest storyline of the three DLC episodes (not counting Moxxi), but the side quests add more to this than first meets the eye. The only thing I will recommend is to keep visiting some of the mission-givers; unlike the original game and previous DLCs, messages that new missions are available don’t always appear to remind you. Aside from the achievements, which I will come to later, I would say that I spent a similar amount of time on the story for this DLC as I did for Zombie Ned. I’m not entirely sure that the DLC is worth 800 MS points, but I would definitely recommend it if it ever came down to 400 MS points.


    There aren’t that many new characters. You meet the boss of the Hyperion Corporation, but this is the only new friendly NPC that you meet. There are three types of new claptrap enemies: claptrap partisans / freedom fighters will shoot at you with a built in shotgun or combat rifle; stabby claptraps will run up to you and melee you; and kamikaze claptraps will run up to you and detonate using a built-in grenade. The other new enemies are Hyperion soldiers, who aren’t too dissimilar from the Crimson Lance in General Knoxx. Many of the enemies from the original game also reappear in this DLC as claptrapped versions; I won’t list them as I don’t want to spoil anything.


    The DLC is aimed at a starting level of 35 for the first playthrough, so you are encouraged to complete the first playthrough of the original game before starting this DLC. I was at level 45 going into my first playthrough as I had played both Zombie Ned and General Knoxx, and I found the combat too easy at first. However, the introduction of the patch seemed to level-up the enemies and combat became more of a challenge; I also got slightly more XP from it. I still only levelled up once though, and I would estimate that I gained about 80,000 XP from the DLC. If I want to reach level 69, I’m still going to have to grind enemies in playthrough 2.5 even after playing through all the DLC episodes twice.


    With the exception of the four collectible achievements (listed below), all of them are fairly easy to unlock and can be gained in a single playthrough. However, the collectible achievements are a massive pain.
    BorderlandsBobble-TrapThe Bobble-Trap achievement in Borderlands worth 23 pointsCollect 15 claptrap bobbleheads

    BorderlandsThe LubricatorThe The Lubricator achievement in Borderlands worth 23 pointsFind 25 oil cans

    BorderlandsWhat a party!The What a party! achievement in Borderlands worth 68 pointsCollect 3 panties, 5 fish in a bag, and 15 pizzas

    BorderlandsIt's so realistic!The It's so realistic! achievement in Borderlands worth 16 pointsCollect 5 3D glasses

    If you are lucky, you may get enough 3D Glasses dropped in your first playthrough to get you the It’s so realistic! achievement. However, the drop rate for all of the items is ridiculous. These items only drop when you kill claptraps, they don’t drop from any other enemies. In my first playthrough, I found more than enough fish, glasses and panties, but I only found three pieces of pizza, one oilcan, and no bobbleheads whatsoever. I spent approximately fifteen hours, and killed around 2000 claptraps after I had finished playthrough 1 so that I could get these achievements. The patch has now removed the glitch from these achievements that prevented them unlocking, but they are definitely a grind; you have been warned.

    Overall Verdict

    The story is the usual fare, but is about half the length of General Knoxx and is slightly shorter than Zombie Ned. The weapons are of slightly better quality, and there are a lot of areas to explore. There are a few new characters, but unfortunately most of them are recycled from previous outings. There isn’t that much XP to gain from this DLC and it hasn’t removed the need to grind after playthrough 2 if you wish to reach level 69. The storyline achievements are easy to get. I enjoyed this DLC up until I was trying for the collectible achievements. By the time I had got these, I didn’t want to see another claptrap ever again. I’m scoring this 4 out of 5, because I think it is overpriced for its length, and the collectible achievements are a big disappointment. Aside from this, the DLC is quite a lot of fun.
  • Viral MoonlightViral Moonlight367,577
    20 Jun 2011
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    This add-on is easy to complete and win G score on but as an add-on i just think it was lacking and it was a great let down the Armory of General Knoxx was possibly the best add-on. if you like achievements that are easy and long winded then this add-on is the extra piece of content for you. i really regretted getting this add-on and i would rather not reccomend only get it if you plan to get all 1750G on this game. The main reasons i hate this add-on the most is because:

    story was very faint

    The reused bosses although with a different skin and attacks nothing special

    all the achievements are really long winded

    other parts in the add-on look almost the same and it is easy to get lost