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Krokodil Grot
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Krokodil Grot
Posted on 27 May 11 at 20:38
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Expectations for the last DLC to hit Mass Effect 2 were very high. Many thought that it would be unable to surpass the level of quality found in the amazing DLC pack Lair of the Shadow Broker.

Unfortunately, they were right. Sooooo right.

What does Arrival bring to the table?

The esteemed Admiral Hackett has a job for you to do. A personal friend of his, Dr. Amanda Kenson, has been conducting investigations on the Reaper threat while in batarian space. The batarians are famed for their hatred of humanity, and when they pick up on Kenson's activities make it their priority to arrest her and throw her in prison. Afterwards, they plan on executing her. This is where Shepard must come in to save the day. Why is this any of Shepard's business? Kenson claims to have found evidence of imminent Reaper invasion.

While the story sounds great on paper, it is implemented rather poorly in the game. The whole thing felt very disjointed and unorganized. Somethings are just never explained. If Kenson was arrested, why weren't her subordinates? Why the hell was a Reaper artifact in a meteor? Since when do the Reapers have artifacts in the first place? Many revere Bioware as the masters of video game storytelling, but they really missed a beat here.

Nothing new here. At all. Bioware attempted to add a bit of variety by introducing "stealth" to the Mass Effect formula. However, without the proper AI and stealth systems built into the game, Bioware fall flat on its face in its attempt. This so-called "stealth" is really just walking in the correct direction and hitting the correct switch. If you've ever played Splinter Cell, you will be sorely disappointed. There is no hiding in shadows, no subtle distractions, no challenge really, and also, there is no incentive for stealth in the first place (outside of the related achievement). You can go through this mission guns blazing and suffer absolutely no form of penalty whatsoever. So why go stealth mode in the first place? Beats me.

Besides the failed implementation of stealth, you have your standard Mass Effect 2 gunplay. Vanguards will be happy to know that the majority of the fighting occurs in close-quarters corridors perfect for blasting enemies with shotguns and using your biotic charge. There are no new additional weapons, powers, etc. As such, the fighting is somewhat stale. It has a "been there, done that" vibe.

I was very disappointed by this DLC. In my opinion, this has been the lowest quality DLC of the Mass Effect series (with the exception of Pinnacle Station, nothing could ever beat that steaming pile of crap out of last place). Poor storytelling, and un-innovative gameplay fail to make this DLC into any variety of positive adjectives. But, however poor the story may be, it is essential to the Mass Effect universe. In fact, Bioware has told us that the opening moments of Mass Effect 3 will deal the events of the DLC, making it a crucial buy for Mass Effect junkies. So I find myself in the awkward place of recommending the purchase of DLC I dislike very much, simply out of the necessity due to its place in the ME universe.

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Fred Freestyle
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Fred Freestyle
Posted on 31 March 11 at 09:48, Edited on 10 April 11 at 16:11
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Arrival is the final DLC for one of Bioware's finest creations: Mass Effect 2.

Plot Summary
Shepard is contacted by Admiral Hackett of the Alliance, asking of the Commander's assistance in a delicate matter that requires more discretion than aggression. Shepard accepts to travel alone to Batarian space, where a female scientist is being held as prisoner. Apparently she has located an artifact tied to the Reapers, and has discovered when they will arrive. The threat is closer than anyone would dare to guess...

Shepard's Creed
From the moment you are given control over Shepard, you are all alone behind enemy lines and have to rely on stealth to find Dr. Kenson. One can say that stealth is the new gameplay mechanic (just as Overlord had the Hammerhead and Lair of the Shadow Broker had the car chase), but Mass Effect 2 was clearly never designed for stealth. You can open doors right in front of hostile targets without them even noticing, even if they are looking right at it. Standing still can suddenly alert enemies that are out of sight to you. You can go in guns blazing if you so desire (with no negative effects on the mission), but considering you are all alone you might want to reconsider.

Alone and Armed
Without spoiling too much of the story, you stroll around alone for pretty much the entire DLC, which will early on remind you just how valuable your braindead AI companions are, even if they only functioned as meatshields. At the very end you even have to take on an YMIR Mech. Alone. With additional enemies. While you're on a timer. Most of the firefights will happen in tight spaces with hardly any cover and enemies that love to charge you, easily making this DLC the hardest of them all. Yes, I would say it's even harder than the fight happening after the car chase in Shadow Broker.

Side Mission: Save the Universe
Storywise, Arrival doesn't just connect Mass Effect 2 to 3, it is also somewhat essential to the overal story. What Shepard accomplishes in the end is something major, and it is implied that certain consequences might come to haunt Shepard in the future.

Talk to the Handgun
While Arrival is mainly story-based, as all of the DLC packs have been, the story isn't all that good in my opninion. You are never really told anything in full detail other than that the Reapers are coming. Shepard is constantly sent on goose chases down similar-looking corridors with increasingly tougher enemies before reaching the finale. And the finale is a spectacle in itself, although very short, taking place in a location that sent my adrenaline to dangerous levels.

There are no choices to be made in Arrival. It does not matter what you do to characters, what you ask, how you respond or who you try to save. Everything ends the exact same way, except for the fact that who you converse with in the end depends on how far you've come in the main game.

As a fan of Mass Effect, or anything made by Bioware in general, I jumped on this pack as soon as it was availible for download. It took me about an hour and a half to finish (counting all the times I died on Insanity before I had to lower the difficulty), and rewarded me with new upgrades and an extension to the story. But let me say this right now: I am disappointed. Gone are the large and gorgeous outside locations, replaced with tight and small corridors and bland environments. It didn't take me long before I wished for the combat to end so I could just experience the story by itself and get it over with.

Even though I didn't find Arrival to be as entertaining as I had hoped for, it still adds an important piece to the Mass Effect universe, one that fans of the series should not miss. Just prepare yourself for much frustration with the lack of companions to eat your bullets as yo-ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL.

SCORE: 3/5

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