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Yodas Rest
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Yodas Rest
Posted on 30 June 11 at 03:00, Edited on 30 June 11 at 20:54
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This map pack was pretty good concerning zombies a very big step up from the Call of the Dead zombie map. The multiplayer was good too again a step up from the last map pack.

The zombie map is dynamic and new. offering new types of zombies like the Shrieker and Napalm zombies. It also offers a new puzzle/objective which is a pain to complete but can be fun. Survivability is high offering good solid camp spots and for those who like to runaway new quick escape routes and straigh-aways. I give the new map a 4/5 because although is a good map is small and you can feel trapped at times. (Side note the achievments are good and solid as well as challenging for those who don't know what there doing.)

Now for the multiplayer maps. They offer 4 new maps which include as follows

This map is small and offers good solid camp spots and good rush zones. Good solid objective gameplay with great line of sights.
I give this map a 5/5 because its solid and fair with good flank routes and good objective based gameplay. This map can make you feel like the other team has the advantage.

Hanger 18
This is my favorite map of them all offering high pased gameplay for team deathmatch but for those who play objective it has awesome camp spots that overlook objectives. I give this map a 4/5 because it is slightly one sided if they control certain points on the map making it very hard to get back in the game.

This map is large and is based off the map cliffside from Call of duty WaW this map took my breath away with a mix of epic sniper battles and heavy close combat in the mix. All around fun map to play fun for all gametypes. I give this map a 5/5 because it is one of the best maps offering all types of fun and dynamic gameplay.

This map is interesting and very disorientating at first. For deathmatch players whoever controls the high ground wins for objective players have fun rushing through underground passageways and small flank routes
I give this map a 3/5 because it needs communication to succeed at winning and if your like me and don't play with a team will usually get caught in a crossfire of campers and stupid team mates.
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TRI Dr Pepper
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TRI Dr Pepper
Posted on 01 July 11 at 02:59
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2nd Review- One more than I thought I would write

Okay, Tri-arc's first two DLCs have been one star for Call of Duty haters and four to five start for lovers. I tend to be in the middle, because the $15 dollar price tag is fairly high considering you only get about four MP maps that are average at best. The zombies maps are what I really come back for, and I have come to a conclusion about the new tropic map. In a sense, if you loved Call of the Dead, you will love the new zombie map. If you hated it, you will hate this as well. Let's say I hated Call of the Dead. Either way, I can't write a bias review, so lets dig in.

The new MP maps get the job done, but they aren't all fantastic, here's a breakdown-

Map: Hangar 18

This map is based around an aircraft Hangar that houses a Blackbird Stealth Jet. There are plenty of routes around and through the hangar itself, and also a couple of decent Sniping spots. If you do plan to snipe on this map, just be aware that the sniper spots on this map are very obvious as there is basically one at each corner of the map usually in two story buildings or in one case, on a radar dish platform. The map is very easy to find your way around and after a game or two, you should have no issues finding the enemy. A favorite spot of mine, is on the set of crates that are directly in front of the Blackbird. Once you are on top of the crates, you have good visibility to the approaches, as well as decent cover.

Map: Silo

This Map is based around a set of Missile Silos. It may remind you a bit of the Launch map as it has a similar feel at times. It also reminds me of the Quarry map in MW2 as it has some similar structures and layout. This map has plenty of close combat and a large number of routes through the battlefield. One thing to keep lookout for on this map is structures that you can use to climb over fences and walls. There many of them and they provide great shortcuts when trying to move around the map to flank or cut off an enemy escape.

Map: Drive In

Drive In is a fun map to play on. There are some wide open areas in the middle with the expected Sniping areas to either end of it. On one end there is a large Movie Screen with a whole in the center. There is a platform behind it to allow you to snipe from this spot. On the other end is a two story building with windows overlooking the central area as well. There are plenty of paths around the sides for flanking and close quarters combat as well. Overall this is a very solid map. Similar to Hangar 18, you may want to be careful when sniping as the sniping areas are pretty obvious and you tend to catch a lot of fire when trying to use them.

Map: Hazard

For those who have been complaining that Black Ops is not a friendly game for Snipers, you finally have a map that gives you enough room and open space to really practice those headshot skills. Hazard is a map that surrounds a golf course. The lawn of the course itself is long and has good site lines. At the beginning of the match, each team starts at one end of the course. Right away quick snipers can pop a couple shots and get their team an early score. There are also plenty of places to take cover as well and not just in buildings, there are sand traps and hills on the course that can be used for effective sniper cover. Be careful though, there are plenty of side paths on the map to provide flanking opportunities for those who do not prefer playing as a sniper. One of the things I love about this map is that it allows you to snipe all you want, while not forcing you to play as a sniper. You can play this map any way you want and still have fun. While Sniping is a viable option in this map, it is not overpowered or forced, so those not playing as snipers will not feel that they are at a disadvantage.

Zombie DLC-

This being said, the Zombie map feels like it's much easier to die than usual, especially since that no matter where you seem you go in the map, you are always surrounded. I do however like the new Easter Egg, as it uses many of the maps features, like for example having the sky turn into eclipse at night. There are also new obstacles like tar pits and spikes. The achievements are also pretty average DLC material. I think as I said in my intro, it really depends on if you like Call of the Dead.

Overall I have to say this is my favorite DLC for Black Ops. The maps themselves felt familiar and new at the same time. After just a few games I felt more comfortable on these maps than I do on any of the preview DLC packs for this game. The maps are very polished and provide you the freedom to play to your own style. I have to say that the team at Treyarch have done an amazing job on this DLC. If you are only going to buy one map pack, or were disappointed with the past DLC for Black Ops, this is the Map Pack to buy in my opinion. Head and shoulders above the other maps that have been released for this game.
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