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Old World Blues

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Lord Burger
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Lord Burger
Posted on 14 August 11 at 05:54, Edited on 14 August 11 at 05:55
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Fallout New Vegas' third DLC finds the courier mysteriously teleported to the pre-war science facility known as the Big Empty by the Think Tank, a group of scientists-turned-robots. Their experiments from long ago are running rampant across the landscape, and only by helping your captors can you ensure your escape, and a have a chance to be made whole again.

Like the two DLCs that were previously released Old World Blues once again raises the level cap by 5. If you have the other downloadable content, a level 45 character may seem godly, but the challenge still exists in the form of hearty robots and nasty experiments like Robodogs and Cazadores.

This installment is recommended for level 15+ players, and you can bring as much equipment as you like. Don't be afraid to load to full capacity either! After a lengthy conversation in the DLCs' beginning, you'll have access to a new base of operations with which to work out of, known as The Sink. You'll be able to safely store your loot and may soon find this to be the greatest housing that New Vegas offers. There are even side missions that allow to upgrade different A.I. personalities in the base.

The story is silly, but still dark. The dawning realization that many of the Big MT's experiments heavily affected the Mojave is another great way to tie Old World Blues into the vanilla game and make it feel important. It's the funniest of the content available, while still dropping serious hints about the final DLC and painting a rich history for itself.

Those hoping for decent loot won't be disappointed either. Energy weapon enthusiasts will undoubtedly love the new offerings, including the a unique Tesla Cannon, the LAER, and Sonic Emitter Pistol. Melee and Gun users will also enjoy some interesting artillery.

The map and missions are great as well. There are a good amount of side-quests to keep you exploring every inch of the technological graveyard, and the main missions are good fun and really nerdy. You'll want to explore every location carefully, especially since certain junk items are now incredibly useful thanks to The Sink. A lot of hard work went into making a very unique and interesting locale for this DLC.

I'll finish up by saying that the voice-acting is superb, the perks and implants are fun and useful, and it was a true pleasure to play. If you get one DLC for New Vegas, make it Old World Blues.
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Yodas Rest
137,086 (103,480)
Yodas Rest
Posted on 20 July 11 at 04:03, Edited on 20 July 11 at 08:19
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The words cannot describe what I've just witnessed.

This DLC is Bar non the best DLC in Fallout new vegas possibly surpassing some of Fallout 3 dlcs.

The Quests that I experienced were amazing with funny moments and nail biting action moments. I give the quests a 4/5 because although they are fun to do they are tedious at times.

The gameplay was amazing again not much added in terms of design but the combat was fun and at times challenging. I give the gameplay a 5/5 because this is my personal opinion.

The enemies are freakin awesome you kill things like the lobotomite (humans) Robo-scorpions and cyber-dogs along with many other amazing enemies. I give the enemies a 5/5 because they are fun to kill and are in mass quantities.

The map is huge exploration is going to take time but it is key to finding awesome weapons and other things and for the first time the map is...round which isn't important but is and interesting fact. I give the map a 5/5 because it is huge and offers hours of exploration and looting oppritunities (for whatever reason I cannot spell that word I've tried like ten times and am too lazy to open a new tab to look it up)

The weapons in the dlc are good weapons for example the LAER which is a laser rifle and does good damage. That isn't at all the only weapon in the dlc but thats just an example. I give the the weapons a 5/5 because they do alot of damage and are cool to use.

The replay value is VERY HIGH with a house located withing the dlc itself where you can place items and sell things (I don't want to spoil anything just know that this dlc puts pc house mods to shame) also offering numerous buildings to explore and loot. I give the replay value a 5/5 because of its HUGE map and the fact that you have TONS of enemies about to kill and get huge amounts of xp from.
Not only that but if you explore a little more it digs into both couriers past so that is awesome.

Ok that is about it please do not dislike this just because of gramatical errors.
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