Rezurrection Map Pack

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Rezurrection Map Pack


  • Shad0wdarShad0wdar283,931
    30 Aug 2011 27 Mar 2012
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    Rezurrection Map Pack

    Beware, this final DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops contains only zombie maps, no multiplayer maps.

    You get five zombie maps. You get the four zombie maps of Call of Duty: World at War and 1 new zombie map. If you bought the limited edition of Black Ops, you will get this DLC for free and you will also get a theme for your Xbox Dashboard.

    The World at War maps got a graphical update and you can play with both World at War and Black Ops weapons, so there are a lot of weapons to play with. All the maps play totally different.

    The WaW maps:

    -Nacht der Untoten: It is the smallest map, it has only three rooms. You will find no perk machines here (Edit, mule kick is now available on this map), only a random box and some weapons on the wall.

    -Verrückt: If you play with more than two people you spawn on the other side of a door of the other two people, you will have to find each other again by buying doors till you are in the powerroom, then you can turn on the power to open the seperating door from the spawn.

    -Shi no numa: This map is outside. You start in a building in the middle of the map. In each corner of the building is a door that leads to other small buildings, if you get there a random perk machine will spawn.

    -Der Riese: This is in my opinion the best WaW map. This is the only map of the WaW maps with a Pack-a-Punch machine. The map is big and has three teleporters leading to a main platform.

    The new map, Moon (which obviously is on the moon), is huge. There are 8 perk machines and a new enemy, a space suit man who will grab you. There is low gravity in the rooms untill you turn on the power but, outside there will still be low gravity. Also, This map has some new weapons too and a perk where you can hold 3 weapons. This map has a huge easter egg, just like the ones on Call of the Dead and Shangri La.

    I had and still have a lot of fun with these maps. This is in my opinion the best DLC you can get for Black Ops.
  • JuicyRumpSteakJuicyRumpSteak116,824
    24 Aug 2011
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    The final DLC for the latest installment in the CoD franchise. This contains the four iconic zombie maps from World at War, as well as a brand new map, by the name of Moon, which is, quite frankly, brilliant. The one thing the CoD franchise can be critisised for is innovation, or a lack of it. Moon however solves these problems. Honestly, if you don't use guides, you can be finding new things to do for days, weeks. It really is that expansive. Expansive being the key word. The map packs have seemed to get bigger as they progress and this is the biggest of the lot. The thing that is great about Moon is that it matches the quantity of space with quality. The different areas you traverse seem new and varied. One moment you're in a Alien style darkened corridor, and the next you're in a high tech lab. There are other extras too. There are two new Wonder Weapons, a dual wielded gun, the first wonder weapon of that sort, and a very odd little special grenade. On this map, you have a choice between Gersch and the QED. While the Gersch is the safe option, the QED can do some cool stuff, but it can also leave you high and dry when you need it most. But it's that anticipation and reward when it spits out a thundergun shot. That's the one thing Moon does, it keeps you on your toes, which I don't think you can honestly say about the previous three DLC packs. You get the five maps PLUS the superb soundtrack, written by Kevin Sherwood and performed by Elena Siegman. Seven new achievements totaling 250G and two different Easter Eggs (although closely linked). Oh and a theme. For 1200MP.

    Seriously, just go buy it now. wink
  • quester683quester683136,446
    23 Aug 2011
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    This is a good DLC considering the fact they brought back the CoD: WaW zombies, but i don't enjoy moon as much as i thought I would. It was actually a very big letdown. If you liked WaW zombies then i would buy this pack. If you like the new maps that have been made for Black Ops like Call of the Dead and Shangri La, Moon is nothing like those. In my opinion, Moon is way to complex, but some people may like the complexity of the maps. I thought the rooms were very small in Moon, but it was a good idea. In the Classic Zombies maps, you can buy WaW weapons off the wall but you can only get Black Ops weapons out of the box. If you would like anymore info before buying this map, feel free to message my on TA or XBL.


    Happy Zombie Slaying!