Mediterranean Traveler Map Pack

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Mediterranean Traveler Map Pack


  • LegendaryNoConLegendaryNoCon92,108
    01 Jul 2012
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    Assassin's Creed multiplayer isn't for everyone. But for those who do enjoy it, a map pack probably sounds like a pretty good thing, huh? Well, it is, if it's handled correctly. Unfortunately, Ubisoft did not handle it very well. Don't get me wrong, the maps are very well crafted, even the ones being remade from Brotherhood. But instead of seamlessly integrating it with people who also had the DLC a la Brotherhood DLC (Animus Project Updates), Ubisoft made the map pack have its own playlist, which forced you to choose between playing with the majority of people, or the already low amount of people who bought the map pack. I bought this and played it day 1, and only got into a few matches. That was on the day it came out. It took forever to get a match, there were so few people playing it. But let's at least focus on the pros.

    The maps really are great looking. The remakes of Florence, Siena and San Donato are exactly as you remember them, only more full in color and vibrant thanks to the Revelations engine. The new maps are also something to be marveled at. Dyers is a really cool looking map, thanks to, as the name implies, all of the dyed fabric all around the map giving the map a multicolored and pretty look. Imperial is a portion of Constantinople's Imperial District, so those who are familiar with the campaign should feel right at home here. Jerusalem is my favorite of the new maps, since it's a completely new environment, yet familiar for those who have played Assassin's Creed 1. It's actually really funny playing through the game again and finding the area the map is set in. But this map has very cool colors and is medium sized with a symmetrical design.

    Unfortunately, that's about all the pros I can give you. You'd be spending ten dollars (800 points) for 3 new maps, 3 remade maps, all on its own separate playlist that makes it hard enough to find a match, even harder to find a full one. There is an achievement for each map that are true multiplayer achievements, but wouldn't be so bad if you could find a match without too much trouble. The only redeeming quality of this entire DLC are the good looking maps, and even then I can't give it anything more than 3 stars. For those of you on the fence about this DLC, don't bother getting it unless you're a completionist. Even the fans of the multiplayer won't get much out of this DLC.