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Posted on 01 July 12 at 00:49
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When Epic announced that the Season Pass would include 4 DLC packs, most of us immediately thought to ourselves, 4 DLC packs, 4 game modes. When Horde Command Pack, RAAM's Shadow and Fenix Rising came out, Beast Mode was the only mode that hadn't gotten any special attention yet. However, much to some people's dismay, Forces of Nature was announced to be just another multiplayer map pack. But I'm not going to review it on the fact that it's not Beast Mode. I'm going to review this as a multiplayer map pack through and through. Whereas Fenix Rising added a new feature (re-upping) along with new maps, characters and skins, Forces of Nature doesn't give a new feature or anything. So we'll just judge it from all that.

Characters: You get 4 multiplayer characters with Forces of Nature, 3 of them being different colored variants of the pre-order characters, along with the Savage Hunter.

Weapon Skins: The weapon skins you get from Forces of Nature are unlocked via two achievements.

Achievements: The achievements are like the ones from Fenix Rising, survive Horde/Beast on one/each of the maps, there are achievements associated with the characters you get. Nothing original, but a solid list.

Maps: When compared to Fenix Rising, I personally feel the maps in this pack are much stronger. With Forces of Nature, you trade in a new gameplay feature for maps with weather effects. 3 maps are original, and 2 are heavily edited remakes from both other games in the series. We'll start with them.

Raven Down: The map famously loathed by series creator Cliff Bleszinski, this map defines close quarters combat. It returns from a DLC pack for Gears of War 1, and is a very small map, with a crashed King Raven in the middle of it. The Forces of Nature twist on this map, is that snow steadily begins to fall on the map, and sooner or later turns into a full on snowstorm, limiting your vision and adding a loud, well, snowstorm audio effect.

Jacinto: One of the more popular maps from Gears of War 2, Jacinto returns to Gears of War 3 with an added Imulsion twist for Forces of Nature. The map is now covered by a steady rainfall, with Imulsion and lambent stalks in the distance as well as all around the map. The one factor that either makes or breaks the map for fans of its past version is that all the walls that split up the left side and right side of the maps are now gone, making the previous hiding spots much less defensive.

Cove: This is a generally symmetrical map in the classic Gears of War style, but the Forces of Nature twist on this map is a heavy layer of fog. At the start of the game you've got a pretty clear line of sight, but you'll be surprised at how quickly you can hardly see ten feet in front of you.

Aftermath: This map is a fairly large map with much less cover than most of the other maps. The Forces of Nature twist on this map is the fact that the map is teetering on the edge of a cliff due to a tsunami, so you'll deal with occasional quakes and an increasing amount of water around the map, making it difficult to aim thanks to quakes and difficult to sneak around and flank thanks to your feet splashing in all the water.

Artillery: This map is by far my favorite in the map pack. This also is a fairly large map, and is not fully symmetrical, with the classic "hill points" that are good to control. The Forces of Nature twist on this map is really cool. The wind starts to pick up heavily, and an enormous tornado touches down outside the map and slowly moves across the area, making it very hard to see and very hard to hear due to the wind.

Now, I don't consider this a gameplay feature. You might, but Forces of Nature comes with special things called "Elemental Cleavers" that you can find by accomplishing certain objectives on each map (Cove excluded) and the cleavers have a certain effect attributed to them by whichever map you get them on. Ex: Jacinto has an imulsion cleaver, Aftermath has a water cleaver, etc.

Forces of Nature also includes the return of the incredibly popular and often requested Gears of War 2 game mode, Guardian. It's introduced as a Capture the Leader variant, so any ribbons or medals you earn will be CTL ones, but it plays exactly the same as the old Guardian did. (Prescott and Myrrah are leaders instead of Hoffman and Skorge, of course)

Forces of Nature is a pretty strong map pack. When you compare it to Fenix Rising, it's really more about what you want out of the map pack. Forces of Nature has cool maps with effects but no real gameplay features added, whereas Fenix Rising has a prestige system, but the maps aren't anything to be super excited about. Overall, as a map pack, I think this DLC was really good. Do I wish they would have included more Beast features and made this a Beast DLC? Maybe. But they gave us a map pack. And they gave us a damn good one.
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