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Posted on 28 November 12 at 15:38
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As a die-hard Mass Effect fan, I was not very impressed with Mass Effect 3's first Single-Player DLC, Leviathan, which you can read all about right here. However, I was much more impressed with the latest Single-Player adventure, Omega. I'm going to follow the same format as my Leviathan review.

When BioWare said this would be twice as long as both From Ashes and Leviathan, they definitely told the truth. This DLC took me a little over 3 hours to do on the easiest difficulty, which means that those who like to play with some difficulty will definitely be getting their money's worth.

Omega comes with a few new add-ons as well. Upon beating it, you'll get a chess board for your Captain's Cabin, though unfortunately you cannot interact with it and play a game of chess versus an AI. You'll also find the N7 Valkyrie rifle during your adventures, which was previously only available after pre-ordering from certain retailers. You'll also find the Chakram Launcher, which was previously only available to those who played all 45 minutes of the Kingdoms of Amalur demo. It also comes with 5 weapons mods, one for assault rifles, one for pistols, two for shotguns and one for snipers. Upon beating it you will also unlock the ability to equip your Shepard with Aria's powers Lash and Flare.

Omega also brings two new enemies to the table. Cerberus has new Rampart Mechs, which move at the same pace as humans and have an omni-blade of their own that can really mess you up on higher difficulties. There are also Adjutants, which I won't get into because it's spoiler material, but those who read any of the Omega comics will know what I'm talking about. They're also incredibly deadly on higher difficulties, they even nearly killed me a couple times on Narrative.

Plot wise, Omega was very good. You get to know Aria and her history since the events of Mass Effect 2 alot more, as well as the new female Turian companion, Nyreen Kandros. Gameplay wise, they definitely mixed it up more this time. It's no longer a run and gun DLC, as it'll have several different of the classic combat scenarios. Fight to get to the objective, hold out until the doors open, kill a certain enemy before he gets to something, etc. Your squadmates don't do too shabby on the battlefield either. Though, just to clear it up now before anyone gets their hopes up, both of them are exclusive to this mission, which means neither of them will hop aboard the Normandy with you once you're done. There aren't as many conversations where you choose what Shepard says as there are cutscenes, but the ones you do have count very much. By the end of the DLC you'll be able to shape Aria, and decide whether she should be more lenient and have a little good nature behind her actions, or if she should stay the ruthless leader of Omega like she always was. It's been awhile since your conversation choices actually had differentiating consequences, and boy does it feel good.

Achievement wise, there are only 3, two of them plot related. There are 3 side quests in this DLC, and you can acquire them when you're in the hub area of the DLC, and completing all 3 will net you the 3rd achievement, so there is one missable achievement.

Overall, this DLC surpassed my expectations. While I would have preferred less combat more conversation, I can't complain because they mixed up the combat so it didn't get stale too quickly. The two new companions provide a fresh squad experience, and the location gives Mass Effect 2 players some nostalgia. You'll even end up fighting through the slums and Mordin's old clinic, as well as the Afterlife club, which has been transformed into a Cerberus base of operations. Which means no Asari pole dancers.

I feel this DLC deserves a 4 of 5 stars, as it's a very good Mass Effect DLC, but only that. It isn't anything phenomenal, and I feel this deserved the 800 point price tag that Leviathan shouldn't have had, but at the end of this DLC I didn't feel ripped off by how many points I spent.

For the die hards this is a must have, and even for the people who play the game just cause they think its fun, I would suggest this one to. This has made me eagerly await whatever next Single-Player DLC BioWare may have in store for us.
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Posted on 03 December 12 at 11:50
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When BioWare announced their latest DLC offering for Mass Effect 3, entitled Omega, they touted it as the biggest players have seen in any Mass Effect game up to this point. Taking an average of 3-4 hours to see it from start to finish, adding two new enemies, and a few new ways to take down your foes, they have come through on this promise, but is bigger always better. In this case, sadly the answer is no, Omega may be the biggest DLC Mass Effect fans have seen, but it still manages to feel like an incomplete experience. Missing some great opportunities to bring some interesting backstory and the generally boring combat, and the spotty voice acting leave much to be desired from this offering.

Since being forcibly removed from her position as kingpin leader of Omega by Cerberus, Aria T'loak, has been devising her plan to retake her throne of the asteroid of criminals, thugs, and bandits. Enlisting the help of Commander Shepard, Aria is ready to shoot her way back into power. Along the way you'll meet some new characters, such as Nyreen Kandros, the first female Turian Shepard has been introduced to in the series and Cerberus Gereral Oleg Petrovsky, the ingenious military strategist.

Sadly, Omega doesn't live up to the story telling you've come to expect from the Mass Effect series. Aria herself is as one dimensional as she has always seemed, always angry and not afraid of making morally questionable decisions. She will always be pushing to test the limits of any paragon Sheppard, but to little consequence, if her decisions or opinions are opposed, she gets angry, grumbles a little and moves on. The addition of the new characters don't lend themselves to making the story anymore engaging either. Nyreen Kandros is a former associate of Aria's who split ways with her after no longer being able to tolerate the heavy-handed manner in which Aria decided to approach everything. Their relationship tends to feel a little too familiar and lacking dynamic. The is especially sad considering that this is the first female Turian introduced to the Mass Effect games. There is so much potential for fleshing out some interesting ideas revolving around this fact that are simply squandered; she is presented as a female of her species and it's left at that. Equally disappointing is in one of the new enemies, Adjutants. These reaper-born enemies are teased throughout the DLC to lead to some big revelation, but this build-up never goes anywhere.

On top of all the missed opportunities to do interesting things with these introductions to the series, the voice acting doesn't is spotty at best and further drags down the story. Aria's line are among the most poorly done in the series. Carrie Ann Moss (of The Matrix fame), who voices Aria, reads a lot of her lines as if she's there only for the pay check. She only seems to have one tone during her conversations with Sheppard and in the moments where she's suppose to be making compelling and motivating speeches, she falls completely flat.

On the gameplay side of things, you won't be finding a whole lot that's different from the main game. Most of your time will be spent fighting your way down narrow pathways, blasting the standard of Cerberus infantry. There are a couple of new additions to the enemy suite, but they do little to mix up experiences you've already had in Mass Effect 3. One of the new enemies is Rampart Mech, similar to the infantry mechs fought in Mass Effect 2, instead of health, they are comprised of armor. Only being effective at close range, they provide little challenge and only facilitate another form to pump rounds of ammo into. The aforementioned Adjutant is a reaper creature that acts in a very similar fashion to Banshee's, lobbing slow moving biotic orbs at you from long range, with the ability to quickly close the distance and do devastating melee damage. It's also mentioned several times that they convert anything they kill into more Adjutants, but that never comes into play throughout the game. There are also couple of new weapons and weapon mods that you will find along the way, but nothing that you'll be clamouring to use. Side-quests are also of little consequence in Omega, comprising only of minor fetch quests.

Omega, despite its 3-4 hour play time fails to fully develop most of its most interesting ideas and characters. That coupled with the poor acting and the fact that the DLC is largely focused on it's weakest aspect, the action, makes for a pretty disappointing experience. This is all the more prevalent with the 1200 msp price-point. Unless you're compelled to consume everything Mass Effect, you're best off to avoid this offering, at least until there is a price drop.
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