Majestic Map Pack

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Majestic Map Pack


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    11 Apr 2013 04 Jun 2014
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    This is my first review, so any suggestions and (constructive) criticism are greatly appreciated.

    I purchased the Limited Edition of Halo 4, so I didn't have to purchase the map pack separately. This review does take the price into consideration, however. Personally, though I understand that the vehicles are a part of what makes up the Halo multiplayer genetics, I enjoy small-scale, infantry-based combat. If you prefer larger, BTB-style maps, you're better off buying either Crimson or the newly-released Castle packs.

    For me, Majestic has everything I could ask for in a map pack. You get three new maps: Skyline, Monolith, and Landfall, all of which are small to small-medium in size, which makes for some insanely chaotic combat. Skyline, especially can be pure madness in a FFA. Landfall can be intense due to the fact that the rocket spawn is easily accessible from the start. Majestic maps originally had their own playlists (Majestic DLC Team and FFA), but now they can be chosen primarily in SWAT, Infinty Team, and FFA.

    Visuals are great, with none of the framerate issues of Crimson (Shatter is absolutely horrible in that respect), so no complaints in that category.

    As for the price.... As an avid gamer, I wish map packs weren't so expensive, but I guess dev suites have to cover their costs somehow. If three maps for 10$ sounds like a good value proposition to you, then by all means, this is a solid piece of content. if you're a Halo fan, chances are you're not going to read this review and will still pick it up.

    343 have dropped another set of really annoying Achievements with this map pack. I completed the list by organizing a boosting session, much to my dismay, as I'm not a fan of boosting. But still, getting five aerial assassinations, getting a double kill with a Pulse Grenade and the like are simply too luck-based for my taste. Boosting is even more necessary now as these maps don't have their own playlist.

    Verdict: 8/10 - fun maps (if you're into close-quarter combat) which are some of my favorites in Halo 4. The price point is too high, though.