Castle Map Pack

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Castle Map Pack


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    23 Oct 2013 03 Dec 2013
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    The Castle Map pack is the last DLC map pack to be released for anyone who bought the War Games Map Pass. Much like the Crimson DLC, Castle DLC brings 3 new maps that are medium to large sized maps that are great for vehicular combat but not so great if you didn't like the Crimson DLC.

    Daybreak - For anyone who hasn't played it, think of Battle Creek/Beaver Creek/Battle Canyon except much larger and open. Playing in the Castle DLC playlist, this was the most popular map. Remember to take control of that banshee.

    Outcast - Personally my favorite map of the three, Outcast places you in a network of caves were running in any direction might actually save your life. Duke it out with a Wraith and Mantis and spam that Regen Shield for that achievement

    Perdition - A wide plain city map where vehicle control can make the difference between winning and losing. Ghosts and Warthogs dominate the wide and open areas while infantry fighting is done inside and around the structures.

    All in all, the Castle Map pack brings some interesting maps like the previous map packs. The achievements along with it are pretty simple to accomplish compared to the last two. Even though I wish we could get 4 maps for 800 MS points ($10), this is still a nice set of maps, specially for those who love vehicular combat and large scale battles. The downside is that, again, this has already been done by the Crimson DLC. The maps also don't offer anything spectacular besides their amazing aesthetics and graphics.

    - Beautiful maps
    - Easy-Medium Achievements
    - Encourages vehicular combat

    - Exactly like the Crimson DLC
    - Again, only 3 maps for $10
    - Nothing spectacular about it