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Bullseye Pack


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    20 Aug 2013 22 Aug 2013
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    EDIT: I'd like to thank Steve ex14 for clearing up some of my confusion considering the content offered in the DLC Bundle.

    And so I find myself writing another review for a piece of DLC that seems to have come out of nowhere. Now, there seems to be plenty of confusion concerning the final DLC release for Halo 4, and what exactly you get when you purchase it.

    On the day of the DLC release, 343 dropped a massive title update that added in new armor mods available to all players: Survivor and Recharge. Survivor is an interesting mod - should you be in a vehicle when it explodes, you will be jetissoned out of the vehicle to relative safety (this never works, and I always find myself surrounded by the enemy team). Recharge decreases the time it takes for your shields to recharge.

    Finally, there is the Resistor mod, which enables full mobility while you are moving. This final "perk" will be available only to people who purchase the Bundle or the Bullseye Pack.

    What do you get with this DLC? With the Bullseye pack, you get a new gametype called Ricochet - essentially an Oddball/Grifball mashup. You get two new maps: Pitfall - a reimagining of the classic "The Pit" map from Halo 3, and the beautiful Vertigo. Vertigo really is gorgeous - there are so many paths around and across the map, I'm sure it'll become one of my favorites. Pitfall also has some updates vis à vis The Pit - it's far easier to get around the map now thanks to the addition of several chest-height crates. And to wrap things up, you get a couple of sets of armor (with American football-esque details on the Ricochet, for example).

    The other two packs are simply skins and armor sets:
    The Infinity Armor Pack includes a "Forerunner"-style armor set, Mark V, and ODST armor. The Steel Skin Pack gets you "steampunk"-styled weapon skins for all starting weapons (which honestly don't look steampunkey at all, I'm afraid). I am not a fan of aesthetic packs in general... and had the marketing been clear on what the benefit of the Bundle is, I'm sure I would just have purchased Bullseye. Also included is a set of Stances for your Spartan, which are actually the best part of the two aesthetic packs.

    Ricochet is very fun - it's hectic, chaotic goodness. Currently, in the Champions Bundle Playlist, you can play the gametype only on Pitfall. I hope this will change in the future... Haven seems like a great map for a game like this.

    Achievements are ok for the most part. The one where you have to camp is pretty glitchy - it took me three minutes of standing still to get it to pop. However, there is nothing that you shouldn't be able to get without boosting!

    All in all, mixed feelings. I think they're overcharging the Bullseye pack big-time, because for me, Ricochet isn't that big of a draw. Pitfall is a fun map, but I've spent so much time playing it in Halo 3, I would have liked to see another new creation, like Vertigo. If you buy the whole Bundle, you save 160 MS points, and you get some Bundle-exclusive Stances, weapon skins, and armor skins to boot. Your call.