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C0D Logic
Posted on 29 August 13 at 22:17
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DLC roundup for Apocalypse DLC for Blackops 2
C0D Logic

Zombies mode


This is the last installment of DLC that is coming to Blackops 2 which means the end of the zombie story line and infact one of the better leads yet. The map takes place in Northern France during WW1 in 1918. You have been sent to wipe out the infection that plagues the German war camp that has surpassed its expectations and has created (and found) the wonder weapons that will surely win the war. However as said the camp has been overrun by the 115 plague which the German's discovered after delving into the depths of the chasm that we come to know as the Excavation site. In a plot twist we learn that the main characters: Richtofen, Nikoli, Dempsey and Takeo met as the last serving humans that were to survive the Apocalypse. While i don't want to reveal the storyline that can be found among audio clips placed around the map and character narration Origins appears to be the place where everything began!

Plot score: 10/10


While this map is great for the life long zombies fan there really isn't much help for the casual player. There are several things that happen at the same time such as having to turn on the power while being attacked by a horde, completing a game long easter egg, avoiding the robots that frequently arrive, ambushes on the generators and even surviving in general. Have no fear though! Treyarch have done a brilliant job to bring Origins up to scratch for all players by having in game guidance (Maps with definitive locations, audio narration and an "easy mode" which slows the pace of the game right down) which ultimately leads to an enjoyable experience for all while keeping the same grip on players that they have felt since WaW. The only downfall to this installment is the repetition around the map. All the textures for each part of the map are similar to each other and even the new "crazy place" area looks bland.

Play-ability score: 8.5/10

Sound and graphics:

As with original game itself the standard of the graphics is very high. Even though there are several lighting and texture bugs; this just adds to the gloomy effect that something is always wrong and keeps you on edge when you notice something out of the corner of your eye. The sounds also excel in this area as many actions often occur in a jingle or medley.

Sound and graphics score: 10/10


Originality and enjoyment:

There are four new multiplayer maps available with this DLC of which two are map remakes. These are Takeoff, Dig, Pod and Frost with the beginning and last map being remakes of previous fan favourites Courtyard and Stadium. Usually i don't appreciate remakes as it portrays the company to be lazy and unoriginal. However i must conclude that the maps actually play better with the update as there are more weapons to make use of the close and long quarter combat which was lost with the unbalance of guns in WaW and Blackops 1. Dig is also a popular map due to its many levels that allow for control of the center of the map and many flanking routes which makes the map fast paced and not as slow as some of the games original maps. Overall the game could be made more enjoyable with a controllable environment such as the things found in the Gears of war franchise.

Originality and enjoyment score: 8/10


The thing that most people look for in a game is value for money. While the Microsoft point system has now vanished, at around £10 or $15 this averages an affordable price that creates new experiences without the hassle of buying a new game that you may not even like. However this price is on the higher end of DLC available nowadays and is only value for money if you are going to take advantage of all it has to offer. If you are not interested in multiplayer at all then it might be worth waiting until it goes on sale as there is nothing we haven't seen before worthy on this penny-pinching map pack.

Price score: 7/10


Overall score: 43.5/50 (A worthwhile add-on in all respects)

This end of the DLC concludes with the question on all of our minds: Does this map pack do justice for Blackops 2 and the CoD franchise?

The short answer is yes and no. While it creates a wider range of maps and ideas for the consumer to play around with the repetition, laziness and overall one time only feel it seems that the CoD series is only being kept alive by the folk that are after quantity over quality.
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Posted on 24 July 14 at 23:11, Edited on 24 July 14 at 23:14
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Apocalypse DLC

Apocalypse is by far, one of the best DLC packs in Call of Duty history. All of the multi-player maps have great designs, as Treyarch put forth a ton of effort for the consumer to enjoy. Although, as by all DLCs in CoD, the $14.99 price tag made me a little stingy about buying, but I did in anyways.

Probably the best part of the Apocalypse DLC, Origins.

Origins is a very open map with complex schemes, and a difficult leaning experience when you first start to play. Treyarch took no time to waste and delivered an outstanding and terrifying new zombies experience. I love the way how Origins comes complete with an end game, making it the second zombies map to include this feature. New weapons, new power-ups, and especially a hands-down favourite to this map, the Elemental Staffs. Wield your choice of Fire, Wind, Ice, or Lightning, a cousin of the fan-favourite Wonderwaffe DG-2. Origins also comes equipped with a challenge box, a new feature where you must complete a certain task to receive a sweet reward. A new way of turning on the power for a certain area, generators replace the old form of power, the regular switch. Origins also incorporates a new branching-out part to zombies, The Crazy Place, which is where the four elemental staffs can be upgraded to reach maximum potential.

Apocalypse DLC has been a great experience for the me, and especially, the Call of Duty Community, who continue to enjoy the great content that Treyarch keeps putting out.
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