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Posted on 18 December 16 at 13:23, Edited on 19 December 16 at 11:39
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Enter the Dominatrix is a flawed but fun DLC. It's worth playing, but it might not be worth the price. Even on sale it's a little short for the money, but it is more Saints Row IV.

There are five missions. The first two are pretty generic, mostly consisting of killing swarms of enemies and a standard humanoid boss with a twist. Once you get to mission 3 and enter the sex dungeon, you're reminded that yes, you are still playing SR4. It also features the return of Zimos, who becomes one of your summonable homies after the mission. Zimos was my personal favorite character from SR3 so this was kind of a momentous occasion for me, but obviously your mileage will vary.

Mission 4 is really cool, but also really easy. Mission 5 is essentially more of the first two missions.

The humor here is on point. It's up to the Saints IV quality we're used to. The cutscenes that close the fourth and fifth missions in particular are brilliant. In fact, the whole ending sequence to the DLC is probably the best part, and begins with a bit that I don't want to spoil, but I will say it reminds me of the ending to Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Just... without all the fun interactivity.

The story itself is disjointed and weird. Everything is presented as deleted scenes, and much of the humor comes from that. But even as deleted scenes they seem off. This appears to take place outside of the simulation, yet Zin's ship is still parked over the city. I've heard that they're from a scrapped DLC for SR3 though, which makes a lot more sense but isn't really adequately explained in the DLC itself.

The achievements are pretty easy, if that's what you're here for. Only Health Inspector really poses a challenge, and I managed to get that one on my first try. Not sure if that's luck or if it's actually that easy. Could go either way, honestly. Four of the achievements are pretty grindy. Three of those require you to get a number of kills with the new weapons. The fourth can be idled out, preferably alongside Fourth and Forty from the main game.

So all in all, you get probably under an hour of missions, a new set of achievements with four that you'll have to grind out, three new weapons, and... I want to say six seven (though it's basically six) new homies. I don't think these homies exchange dialogue with other homies like the ones from the main game do, at least not from what I've seen. If you want more laughs, though, they're here too. I'd recommend this to BIG fans of the main game like myself who want a little more, but I'd definitely recommend getting it on sale if you do get it. To casual passers-by, you can probably skip this one.
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F33r K00laidman
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F33r K00laidman
Posted on 10 November 13 at 03:01, Edited on 10 November 13 at 03:02
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Enter the Dominatrix is the first DLC add-on for Saints Row IV. Originally it was supposed to be released on Saints Row: The Third in which you find out that there is an alien race out in space looking to take over.

So, what's my opinion on this add-on?

Let's see...... um, it just plain sucks!


-New achievements
-3 New guns

That's about it.


-The storyline for this DLC makes ABSOLUTELY no frickin sense. I mean, the intros for each mission is just an interview describing "made up" events that were supposed to happen before Saints Row IV. When they start to reference that the DLC is out before SRIV and then corrected later on in the cutscene, I ask myself, "WTF guys!" Even some of the cut scenes are 3D imaging of some of the ideas that the designers wanted to include as part of the intro scenes, but never got finished. How about them sketches too Volition??? Why couldn't you just CG them like the rest of the scenes???
-Length! Where is it people??? Non-existent. No lie, it took me a half hour to sit through all the cut scenes and the gameplay to complete this storyline.
-Ending. Messed up on how it ends. You go through that "difficult" DLC, chasing down the Dominatrix just to be saved by....... TALKING RAPTORS???? Really?? First we have an alien race to deal with, but now you're gonna include talking dinosaurs in which you become friends with?? I'm so lost....

Final Summary:

Enter the Dominatrix is a waste of time and money. 7 bucks for 3 weapons and a short, crappy storyline ain't worth it. Volition, you can do better than this. I wish I could get a refund for this DLC....

Only real funny moment: Zimos becomes your Chariot Bitch!!!!
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