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The Mystery Of The Mooil Rig

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Posted on 19 September 16 at 21:33, Edited on 19 September 16 at 21:38
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If you finished the original story and still wanted more then the Mystery of the Mooil Rig DLC will probably not be the place to look.
That being said it isn't bad, far from it. If anything it keeps the same balance of fun, insanity, and humor the original story did albeit with the legs and arms severed off leaving nothing more than a basic body and a unique head.
And speaking of Bryllcream, he returns to help you solve the mystery of the rig (which is kind of misleading as there's no real mystery, it's just another outbreak) so fans of his over-the-top positivity and go-getter attitude will probably be pleased enough with him alone to enjoy the content provided, even if it does only last for about two hours if you just go through the missions and ignore collectibles.

The rig itself is massive and has tons of color to keep it apunkalyptic like the rest of the game, but it's more like a maze than anything. Personally, I got lost a lot and while you could argue I just suck at the game (you wouldn't be far off but still, ouch) I would also argue that a design of this size could have had more (or at least more defined) locales to keep you in the loop. Going up stairway C to go to platform D might seem simple enough but when stairway C branches off onto platform H first and that platform branches off onto stairway 46-L subsection Gleekalplax you get disoriented.
The Scabs and OD are kind of disappointing as well. They're not really unique save for their design which adds nothing but a coat of paint. The OD are identical in stats to the originals, no new mutations and no new attacks or weaknesses. If you have the Acid Sprinkler maxed out you can throw a couple of them down and basically tank every basic form of OD the game throws at you, the same goes for the Scabs, who are former Mooil employees.

For being a bobbing deathtrap in the ocean, the missions are cut and dry.
Granted there's only so many kinds of missions you can create in a game without using the same formula but for Sunset Overdrive it's underwhelming.
The only three missions that really stood out in my head were the two side missions and the mission where you fly a glider.
The first side mission has you helping a man and his mother assemble a new weapon by running around the rig and grabbing three pieces. I won't spoil it here but younger players may not get the joke at the end.
The second side mission has you helping a movie producer finance his next film and, in true Overdrive fashion, the devs make the first half of the mission pointless and the second half simple.
The glider mission, much like the other flying missions in the game, I found to be easy. Spamming missiles will pretty much blow up the sky and every OD in it.

The boss battle was fun and unique but again, repetition is the first thing that comes to mind. While the design of the DLSea Monster (yes, that's it actual name) is unique and actually kind of scary, the battle is short and pretty easy if you don't mess up.
You shoot the weak spot, you attack the head, rinse, repeat. Like the battle with Fizzy the unique style in which you fight it isn't the part that stands out but how you attack it is.

Topping off the DLC are a handful of new items, abilities, and collectibles:
Two abilities: the water dive and the slam dive;
Two weapons: Feel the Burn, a flamethrower with the Devil's head, and the Rivet Blaster, a slow but fully automatic rivet shooter that harpoons enemies and the environment with an electric charge;
Two amps: Suddenly, Piranhas! which allows you to drop piranhas on the ground upon killing an enemy which will then attack any OD close enough to them, and Roughneck Rampage will give all killed an enemies a chance to leave behind an oil puddle which can be ignited by fire weapons;
One trap: the Death Bouoy which will shoot out small hordes of piranha that will eat the ankles of passers by;
Two outfits: the Captain set and the Mooil Rigger set;
and a few dozen UFO collectibles to pay for the amps (and Jack has the maps for those too).

All in all this isn't a waste of money by any stretch but it does beg to be more than what it is.
The "karma joke" made me almost die laughing just because of how subtle yet in-your-face it is but at the same time I could have youtube'd that scene and been just as happy with it.
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