Grand Theft Auto Online Heists

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Grand Theft Auto Online Heists


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    09 Apr 2015 09 Apr 2015
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    At long last, the heists are finally here! It only took Rockstar 2 years to release them!

    Anyway, let me first start off by saying the Heists themeselves are fantastic. I wasn't really looking forward to heists to be honest because I thought they were gonna be like the normal online missions on this game, which I thought were pretty bad. However, the heists actually do have good stories for what they are. And once you actually have a good team to do these with, it is very very fun. But this is the big problem. I only had 1 friend to do the heists with. The other 2 players in the game were randoms. And trust me, playing with randoms gets annoying. Fast. Dealing with people who are terrible at the game and have no fucking clue what is going on, mixed with constant Rockstar server problems. This almost ruined the experience for me, and for many others I would imagine. Anyway, here is the review of each Heist individually-

    The Fleeca Job- The first heist you do in which you heist a small bank on the side of a highway. Fun beginner heist. The strange thing is that it's the only heist that is only 2 players.

    The Prison Break- Not exactly a heist I would say. You have to break some guy out of prison who looks like he should be in GTA IV. Even though it doesn't involve robbing a bank or anything, it was still fun.

    The Humane Labs Raid- The third heist in which you have to enter the Humane Labs and Research facility and steal the files from inside. Honestly, I think this was the weakest out of the 5 heists. I wouldn't call it a bad or anything. Just that this was the worst out of the 5. Not to mention the setup missions were annoying as fuck.

    Series A Funding- In my opinion, this was the best heist and makes the whole update worth playing. If you're a fan of the past GTA games like GTA San Andreas, GTA III, & GTA Vice City, you will love this. I won't say why or how, you'll have to play it and find out.....Well, you meet a old GTA character in the finale cut scene. Also, if you like the TV show "American Dad" you'll like the easter egg they threw in aswell.

    The Pacific Standard Job- The FINAL heist. The BIG heist.... Uh, kinda. This heist makes you and your 3 crew members rob the biggest bank in the heart of Vinewood and has you perform a big getaway on your motorcycles..... Why? I don't fucking know. Why not use the armored car from The Fleeca Job? You're better off getting in a police car, TRUST me. And the pay off only goes up to ­$1,250,000, (If you're playing on Hard, that is) Was I the only one expecting WAAAY more money than that? Overall, it was still fun IF you and your team gets in a normal car. Don't attempt this with the shitty motorcycles they give. Or else you will need to buy a new controller from smashing it in the TV.

    In conclusion, if you can look past the shitty Rockstar servers, low pay-outs,(Which doesn't really matter, I was just expecting more money from each heist) or dumb little kids who have no clue on how to play, then you got yourself a very fun co-op experience with cool throwbacks to people like me who have been playing GTA back in the PS2 days.

    (Oh, and the top line was a joke. Don't take it serious! smile )