Grand Theft Auto Online Heists

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Grand Theft Auto Online Heists


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    10 Mar 2015 12 Mar 2015
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    Heists Review In Progress

    The Highly anticipated update for Grand Theft Auto Online was Heists.
    In my opinion, it was well worth the wait. The amount of content that came along with it shows the developers put a lot of work into the game itself. New vehicles, new clothing, and even new graphic updates!
    The Heists:
    The Fleeca Job:
    -Your basic, run of the mill, bank rob. This heist is a 2 person heist. You and your friend will go scope out a bank, get your getaway car, and break the bank. Short, simple, and a good starter.
    The Prison Break:
    -One of the few heists people were actually SUPER excited for. In this heist, you have to get everything together to help break someone out of jail.
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    New Vehicles:
    Heists brings with it several new vehicles that, once unlocked, allow you to run around Los Santos and rain hell to the citizens. Some of these new vehicles include an armored Kuruma, a car returning in the GTA series with upgrades allowing the driver and passengers to be protected from gunfire. A version of the Kuruma without the armor upgrades is also available. Other vehicles include planes, motorcycles, buses, and even MG Technical pickups.
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    -- Kuruma:
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    -- Hydra:
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    -- Valkyrie:
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    -- Savage:
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    The clothing, which was already expansive, gets even bigger with the addition of the heist clothing for your character. Including a new flight suit, HAZMAT suits, and tactical vests.
    New garages looks, lobby of your apartments look nicer, and some cosmetic changes inside buildings.