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World of Tanks: Mercenaries (Xbox 360)

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Title Update 1.9

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Posted on 29 March 15 at 17:34, Edited on 03 April 15 at 19:20
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My 2 Cents regarding the 1.9 Cheevos

- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Offline: None
- Online: 9 total achievements worth 230GS
DLC update 1.9: 9 achievements worth 230GS
- Approximate time: 8-16 hours (Depending on skill, owning specific tanks with certain skills/perks and some luck)
1.9 Patch is Boostable but not needed. Only one achievement needs you to be in a platoon. The rest can be done solo.
Specific Tanks needed: You will need 5 different French tanks to get the French Connoisseur. Grandfathered, will unlock if you have 5 kills on any french tank prior to the 1.9 Patch.

In order to facilitate the 1.9 cheevo hunt, you must have the right tank for the job. Not only have the right vehicle, the class but you must have the proper crew skills and equipment for each cheevo. Patience is also a major factor! Do not try and get the multiple achievements at once! Set a goal on which cheevo you are trying to pop, use the right tank and be patient.

Invader Capture the maximum number of points from the enemy base, but not less than 80, a total of three times. 40GS. I belive this is the hardest of all the achievements from this patch. It may look easy, players who cap for a win may look like a frequent occurence but it does not happen as often as you think. Also getting 80 cap by yourself is not as easy and does involve many factors and luck, the enemy team has to be out of attack and view range of their cap circle and your team mates cannot jump on while you are capping. Mind you the achievement differs from getting the Invader Medal because you do not have to get the full 100 cap points, many times you can simply get 80-99 cap points before your team wins or loses, the Invader Medal needs a full 100% cap and the obvious win.

Defender Reduce the amount of enemy capture points of a friendly base by 70 or more a total of three times. 40GS. This cheevo is far easier than the Invader one because you can simply damage the enemy cappers until you get 70 cap points from any combinations of the enemy team. Many think that you have to get the 70 cap defence points from one sole enemy capper. This cheevo is also luck based, you have to wait until the enemy starts capping you base and hope your team mates do not kill them before they start capturing or reset the cap before you do.

Right Where I Want You Immobilize 100 enemy vehicles by destroying their tracks. 30GS This cheevo is the only grinding achievement of the patch. Many believe that tracking an enemy is to simply hit the tracks and get the track icon to show up, this will not count towards the cheevo. You have to "immobolize" the enemy tank not just damage their tracks. This cheevo can be attained through simply gameplay, make sure you have an accurate gun on which ever class of tank you choose. A good way to verify you tracked the enemy is by looking at the enemy tank after you hit their tracks, if the enemy is still moving, this may count, but they might be quick with the small repair or have large repair kits. If the enemy stops moving and you can visually see the tracks broken and on the ground, it will count. If you immobolize an enemy by tracking them, you or a team mate hits that tank, you will get a assist ribbon, this is also a good way to confirm that you did in fact track that tank.

It Burns! Set two enemy vehicles on fire within a single match. 20GS This achievement involves more skill and experience from the player than any of the other cheevos. Not only do you need the right tank with the proper equipment and crew skills, you have to know where to hit the enemy tank to set it on fire. Many players think that simply having dead eye will make this easy, but you still need to know weak spots of enemies you face, where the transmission, gas tank and engine compartments are on those enemies.

FTW! Kill the last enemy alive or capture the flag for the win a total of five times. 20GS You can get 3 of the 5 caps needed for this cheevo by stacking the Invader cheevo, if you capped 100% and you were the only one left on your team, it will count for cheevo. If not it will be a matter of patience and some luck being the one who can kill the last enemy.

Friends and Enemies While in a Platoon, destroy an enemy tank that is also in a Platoon. 20GS This is one of the easier cheevos and can be boosted but it can be done by platooning with random players. At the beginning of the match, look to see who is on the enemy team who is platooned up. Make them a HVT(high value target)

Fire on Command Destroy an enemy vehicle within 30 seconds of another team mate requesting fire on the enemy. 20GS This will come naturally as you go for the 100 tracking achievement. Many players will spam the radial command asking for an enemy to be destroyed, and you will have enough time to kill that enemy. 30seconds is snough time to send 3-5 shells at that enemy to pop the cheevo. You can also stack this achievement with Friends and Enemies and boost with platoon mates.

Japanese Connoisseur Destroy five enemy vehicles of any nation with five different Japanese tanks. 20GS This achievement automatically popped for me since i did grind the Japanese line to tier VIII and grinding multiple tank classes from that tree. If you didn't get this grandfathered, it will be a simple grind, just research, buy 5 of the lowest Japanese tanks and get 5 kills on each one.

Hero of the Day Earn 20 or more ribbons in a single battle. (Excludes the "Enemy Damaged!" ribbon) 20GS Just remember damage ribbons do not count (the yellow ribbon), An easy way to do this is simply using a scout tank. Spot as many enemies as you can. Damage the enemy, track them and have your team finish them off. A scout is perfect for this since you can simply sit on a perch spot, snipe targets and any enemy you spot and you get assist damage counts.
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