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Grand Theft Auto Online Freemode Events

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Posted on 08 January 16 at 10:13, Edited on 10 January 16 at 17:54
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The Grand Theft Auto Online Freemode Events Update adds a new dimension to GTA Online with so-called 'Freemode Events' which occur every 12 real-life minutes. These events provide extra ways to earn GTA$ and RP without needing to go into a lobby. Freemode Events require at least 4 players to trigger, with some exceptions needing at least 10 players.

These are the Freemode Events (courtesy of the GTA wiki):

Air Checkpoints - Players compete in an intense competition involving collecting checkpoints spread across the map in aircraft. Win by collecting the most checkpoints in the time limit.
Checkpoints - Similar to Air Checkpoints, however players are now free to use any mode of transport and checkpoints are not restricted to the air.
Criminal Damage - The players need to cause the highest value of damage to vehicle and other players. The top 3 players earn RP and cash.
Dead Drop - One of the players collect a package and must deliver it to a designed location for a cash reward, while the other players try to take the package from him.
Hold the Wheel - A BMX, Caddy, Faggio, Sanchez or a Tractor is turn indestructable during this event. The player must stay in this vehicle during 5 minutes, while the other players try to take the vehicle from him. The player who is driving the vehicle when the 5 minutes timer runs out is the winner. It is possible to have a passenger in the vehicle who can protect the driver by shooting the other players, but in this case, the cash reward will be split into two.
Hot Property - Similar to Hold the Wheel, but here the player must collect and hold a briefcase, while the other players try to kill him to collect the briefcase. The event lasts for 10 minutes and the player who holds the briefcase for the longest time is the winner.
Hunt the Beast - The players must track down a random GTA Online player (the Beast), who is faster and stronger than all other players. The beast remains hidden from the radar, and has to visit 10 landmarks. Players must track him/her down and kill them.
Kill List - Enter a heavy artillery vehicle and destroy the Merryweather Security patrols to receive a cash reward.
Kill List Competitive - Similar to Kill List, but here, there will be a second team. The team who destroys the highest amound of Merryweather patrols is the winner.
King of the Castle - An designed area will be considered the 'castle' during this event and the player who enters this area first will be considered the 'king', this player must protect his 'castle' from other players who will try to claim the area to become the new 'king'. The event lasts for 10 minutes and the player who is the 'king' by the end of the event is the winner.
Moving Target - Similar to Hold the Wheel, but here, the player must deliver a marked vehicle to a designed location, while the other players will be rewarded for killing him. If the vehicle gets destroyed the player fails the event.
Penned In - The players must stay inside a moving circle, while trying to push all other competitors out of the circle. The circle moves, and gradually gets smaller. The last player to remain the circle wins the event.

These are the Freemode Challenges (also cortesy of the GTA wiki):
Driveby Kills Challenge - Achieve the highest number of driveby kills on players
Fly Under Bridges Challenge - Fly under the most bridges in the time limit
Headshot Kills Challenge - Achieve the highest number of headshot kills on players
Highest Speed Challenge - Achieve the highest speed in a land vehicle
Inverted Flying Challenge - Fly upside-down near the ground for the longest distance
Longest Bail Challenge - Travel the furthest distance when bailing from a land vehicle
Longest Fall Survived Challenge - Fall the longest distance without dying
Longest Freefall Challenge - Fall the longest distance with a parachute before opening it
Longest Jump - Perform the longest jump in a land vehicle
Longest Reverse - Reverse the longest distance without crashing
Longest Stoppie Challenge - Perform the longest stoppie on a motorcycle
Longest Wheelie Challenge - Perform the longest wheelie on a motorcycle
Low Flying Challenge - Fly low to the ground for the longest distance
Lowest Parachute Challenge - Open your parachute closest to the ground while freefalling
Melee Challenge - Achieve the highest number of melee kills on players
Near Misses Challenge - Perform the most near misses with other vehicles in a land vehicle without crashing
No Crashes Challenge - Drive the furthest distance in a land vehicle without crashing
Sniper Kills Challenge - Achieve the highest number of sniper rifle kills on players
Vehicles Stolen - Steal the most vehicles

These events and challenges are set up great and it's easy to drop in the event. For some events and challenges, Rockstar provides certain vehicles for the players which automatically self-destruct when the event/challenge is over. It's also a good way to earn cash and RP since the winner of a Freemode Event can earn up to $20000 and 5000 RP, depending on the amount of players participating in the event.

The other key feature included in the update and the feature with all the achievements is the Rockstar Editor, previously only available on PC. With is versatile tool, GTA V players can record and edit their own clips, as well as entering Director Mode. The player ia able to change almost every feature while in Director Mode. The achievements encourage the player to fully explore the vast game world to unlock Dircetor Mode characters (animals, for instance, are unlocked when the player eats the corresponding Peyote Plant). There are a few features missing, however, such as the ability to record your own voice with the Rockstar Editor.

Final verdict:

This is a great addition to GTA Online and encourages players to explore southern San Andreas even more to get all the achievements and thus it deserves a score of 9,5 out of 10.

Easier ways to make money and level up in GTA Online
Rockstar Editor

Some features missing in Rockstar Editor

Update: Added requirements for triggering of Freemode Events
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