Shadow Jago

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Shadow Jago


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    18 Apr 2016 18 Apr 2016
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    An absolute beast of a character! Originally a badass (skin basically) only available through pre-order along with an Xbox membership, Shadow Jago is the ultimate representation of the "Ultra" cool - side of Killer Instinct "3". Sparingly made available throughout the games years here and there in a few deals, contest, events, or codes through companies, now, Shago (his popular nickname much to his displeasure) is available through DLC in the Xbox Store/Marketplace anytime in a $9.99 DLC Pack many fans disagreed with as they wanted it to stay exclusive. Hold the phone, it's only being released as a gift for us fans pleasure for giving continued support to an on-going 2013 (old by many standards nowadays) game. Now considered his own-being alongside Jago with the release of Omen revealing it was possession by him and not just a cool-badassery-type-skin! lol. He comes with a new set of moves instead of recolors and reruns of Jago's old style and moves now. This updated Shadow-Jago (Shago, hahaha ;P) is absolutely worth the price they are asking if you're a fan with some extra cash or a casual player looking to have some fun and look REALLY - REALLY good in front of some friends or family. My favorite even before the update and after along with many other hardcore or casual gamers on KI.