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Posted on 07 March 16 at 15:21, Edited on 07 March 16 at 15:25
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With DLC exclusivity being on the Playstation side this year, we've all had to patiently await this DLC for a whole month, and now it's finally here and I'm ecstatic to play some more.


Splash is all over the promo art for this DLC, and to be honest I'm not sure why. It isn't really the standout map among them all. I like the layout, and while some may consider the aesthetic childish, I enjoy a nice venture into color with how grey every game is nowadays. I'm not a huge fan of the middle area due to just how many viewpoints there are into the middle with little to no cover. In Nuketown at least there's the buses and cars to hide behind, but there's literally no point in going to the middle unless you want to die. This leads to people just camping the slide tunnels and windows.

Another thing I am disappointed about is the glitches on this map. You may say, "But the map just came out and it should be fixed soon!" While that is true, this map has been out on Playstation for a month and this glitch was fixed in that time. Other glitches were fixed in the DLC on release, but not this glitch where people can be standing above the playable area shooting down seemingly out of nowhere. This complaint probably won't be applicable down the road, however.


If you're a fan of Black Ops 3 multiplayer and good ol' Hijacked from Black Ops 2, you will have a great time here. I think this map and a few others were more deserving of remake than another Nuketown, but that's just me. The layout is pretty much the same aside from a hole on the side area to get into the lower level and a few wallrunning spots added. The map is also much larger in size to accommodate the faster movements. This map works really well with Domination and feels a lot like old times with a new twist. It's even got those little rafts in the back people would camp on. Probably my favorite MP map in this DLC.


Probably my least favorite of the bunch, Gauntlet just feels like a proof of concept gimmicky map. The three lanes feel pretty cramped as well as the few doors to move between them. The three different settings is an interesting idea but kind of falls apart since you can look above the area and see it's just a simulated fake area. Even the snow and rain feel fake since they couldn't program the whole map to have that weather in the engine. One thing I'll say is this map would make an interesting Search and Destroy map, but other than that I did not enjoy this one much.


Early on Rise seemed like the map that would get the least attention and would have had the least effort put in. Splash was on all the promos, Skyjacked is a classic, and Gauntlet has that three biome gimmick, and Rise is just kind of a normal map.

But I ended up liking this map much more than anticipated. It blends well with game modes like Hardpoint. At times the layout seems confusing and the map a little too big but you get used to it over time. It reminds me somewhat of the Black Ops 2 map Raid, and I'm not real sure why. This is a good map and there's not much more to say.

Der Eisendrache

This might be the best zombies map since Moon in Black Ops. I truly love this map and I haven't had the desire to play the same map again after failing in years. The only thing I ask is, why wasn't this map the base map? Shadows of Evil is so not new player friendly and got tedious so quick.

But enough of that, why is this map just so awesome? Well, it takes everything you love about all the other maps, and it appeals to pretty much everyone, from casuals to zombies veterans. There's so much to do and you aren't forced to do any of it. It can play like a classic map if you want to. The power is a switch again. Pack a punch is uncomplicated to obtain. The bow wonder weapon isn't a whole ordeal to obtain like the staves from Origins. You can get this incredible weapon by simply feeding 3 dragons around the map.

The story? Incredible with an action packed easter egg and cutscenes. The aesthetic? I love the medieval castle mixed with Nazi technology aesthetic, though I am a bit bored with the snow which was on Origins and The Giant.

To finish, this DLC is worth it for the zombies map alone, but most of the multiplayer maps are great too. I recommend this to anyone into Black Ops 3 at the moment, new or veteran players. This map pack appeals to a lot of people and I don't know how they can top this.
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