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Kalo Roke
98,582 (55,528)
Kalo Roke
Posted on 23 September 16 at 17:05
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When, I first starting playing this DLC, I found out that I was going to have to live the raider life. I wasn't too happy about this because this goes against all the main character stands for. But once I found there was a way to opt out (talk to the medic in the Nuka-Town Market), I played both options. Living the Raider live was weird at first but after a while I got into it. I order to create raider settlements in the commonwealth, I had to go against some of the settlements I created. Most of them being heavily fortified with a high defense rating. While creating raider settlements, I would still get request to help the other settlements I created before being a raider: that didn't make much sense! I loved playing the other option (the opt-out option) that gave me the chance to wipe out the raider gangs (make a save so you can go back and play the other option).
While doing the Beverageer achievement, i couldn't find the Nuka-Xtreme recipy book: it wasn't on the table where it was supposed to be (another Bethesda glich ! ) Had to replay the DLC from the start, using an old save, to get that achievement: fortunately that time the book was there! On your first playthrough get that book as soon as possible.
All in All, i found this DLC to be great fun ! Taking all the DLC's into account, i had my money's worth with the season pass.
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343,660 (220,163)
Posted on 09 September 16 at 11:38, Edited on 09 September 16 at 12:45
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Okay. Fallout 4 was a bit of a disappointment well compared to 3. Also compared to New Vegas. I have still put in over 250 hours to the game.

DLC recap.
We had two hours a robot fun with the first bit of dlc. Fun but oh so short. Some cages and convener belts were released (yawn). More like mods that actual dlc. Then we had far harbour. Finally something with some meat, let down by the tron level at the end. Now we come to the crowning achievement Nuka cola world. Woooo

I was so looking forward to an all encompassing story. What is nuka cola world? Am I going to have to fight to free it from the raider scum? They are SCUM and I have loved dispatching them in there thousands across all the games. Wait a minute, I am now one of them? Errr I have not felt this let down since I had to play the arbiter in halo 2.

So there is a really good start to the game and i am not going to spoil that part. That is the part where you say to yourself, finally I am getting a good bit of DLC. After that is over you get to join the raider scum. I thought when do I get to kill all these thugs? Like Fallout 4 it insists you play all of the factions. Next piece of dlc find out how to be a super mutant? Oh I forgot this is the final one. So now I am raider scum.

I think it is separated into five sections to be liberated. Hey do you like killing robots? You will love this. Then there are some worms to kill. (snore) The only one I really enjoyed was the Jurassic park part where you get to kill the dinosoids from Turok. (Pretty please a new Turok). Once you have completed the five factions you have won!

Next up is take the raider factions into the commonwealth. I wanted to play an rpg. I have no interest in building camps, building cages or setting up raider camps. This part of the dlc is FEEBLE. Other missions are do jobs for the factions (time to grind out some achievements). Play on the rides (time to grind out some achievements), Make Nuka cola and kill monsters whilst under the influence of Nuka (time to grind out some achievements). Plus there are two completion achievements that I am sure I will get sometime.

So there we have it. The final piece of dlc a complete let down. (the Jurassic park part and the start excluded as they are five star moments). I know I am going to get loads of people telling me I am wrong but I do not care. This is FEEBLE.

5 bits of dlc for fallout 3 all of them good. 5 bits of dlc for fallout 4. 1st too short, conveyors and cages were rubbish, far harbour was good and then the mediocre Nuka cola segment. I feel ripped off for getting a season pass.

Rolling Stone provides a far more eloquent review which basically says everything I say. http://www.rollingstone.com/culture/news/fallout-4-nuka-worl...
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