Narco Road

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Narco Road


  • Lolo KeeganLolo Keegan189,542
    19 Apr 2017 21 Apr 2017
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    Narco Road...

    An interesting take on the already popular Ghost Recon series. You find your character going undercover in the new Santa Blanca cartel as to destroy the smuggling operations from the inside out. Bringing with it new guns, new enemies, and new clothing options, Narco arias also features a new play style.

    "electro challenges" have been added that allow the player to complete huge jumps, drifts, and even low altitude flights for points and "followers". Monster trucks, street racers, stunt planes, and motorcycles have all been added.

    Even with all this, and the removal of your ghost comrades, the game feels lacking. The story isn't too in depth, and the added features come off as repetitive and more of a hassle than anything else.
  • WereWolves PackWereWolves Pack81,278
    18 Jul 2018
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    Narco road is the first DLC to be added to Ghost Recon: Wildlands, which i personally loved (Base game).
    The story itself is pretty short, but if you want to complete everything, there is a lot to do.
    I love the idea of finally being the "bad guy", its an interesting take to this series, but just like every DLC, this one has flaws too, my biggest problems are the voice acting and audio, for example when you order a vehicle, it talks about rebels, which is very inconsistent with this DLC, shows how lazy the devs are, otherwise game is pretty good, also the abilities could have been different than in base game and skills

    I would say this is worth buying if you are fan of the base game and have loved it despite the bugs and flaws