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Posted on 19 July 09 at 17:06
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Operation Anchorage is the first DLC add-on for Fallout 3. The new questline starts when your caracter recieves a strage transmission. After helping out some outcasts, soon you'll find yourself in a simulator to the Battle of Anchorage. The Battle of Anchorage is a famous battle in the Fallout world, where the Chinese try takn Alaska's oil supply.

Operation Anchorage is as different as an add-on could be for this game. The action takes place in a simulation so killed enemies will evaporate and holographic walls will show the limits of where you can explore, (even though there is not much exploring in this pack)

Your inventory has to start fresh in the pack as the items you have in the Wasteland don't transfer to Anchorage.

New additions to the game include the Gauss Rifle, the awesome energy sniper rifle, stealth armor, new enemies and more.

Exploring, is not the main part to this new quest, combat is. So be ready to spend most of your stay in Anchorage, fighting.

The DLC pack is not very long about 2-3 hours and once you complete the pack your can't return, so achievements and the Gauss Rifle are about all you'll have to show for your 800 point purchase.
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Posted on 20 October 09 at 02:03
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Operation: Anchorage is the first bite of content for Fallout 3, read the review below:

Gameplay & Story: 9/10

The whole DLC takes place in a simulation pod. The sim let's you relive one of the greatest battle in the Fallout universe: The Liberation of Anchorage, Alaska. So the story is pretty epic. But the gameplay is what brings it down a little. If you're used to having fun exploring the desolate wasteland while doing your quests, think again! Operation: Anchorage is like a huge Halo 3 campaign level. It has all the Fallout mechanics (V.A.T.S. ,etc.) but it isn't much for exploring. Don't let that get you down however! Read the rest.

Graphics & Sound: 10/10

If you thought that the wastes in Fallout 3 looked pretty, you should look at this DLC. When you're in the Mountains near Anchorage, well they all look BEAUTIFUL! Bethesda really did an excellent job on the snow effect, lighting, and textures. Even when you're not in the mountains, Anchorage has never looked better! (how do I know this, well, I live in Anchorage) As for the sound, it's epic as well. It really does fell like you're in a war in the middle of an arctic wasteland.

Lasting Appeal: 8/10

If you're ready to come back to the wasteland with a load of awesome weapons and armor (including Power Armor that doesn't require Power Armor training and never loses durability). Then download and see the battle that started the war. (and all XP goes to your character)
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Posted on 07 December 09 at 22:59
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As i write this there are no current reviews for the dlc expansions so i thought i'd give it a go to give people an inside track of what they're spending their money on (or what to expect if they have the GOTY edition.) therefore i'll only be talking about the content of the dlc, not the mechanics of the game etc. as i'm assuming that anyone reading this will have picked up the game or read one of the full reviews.

Right commentary aside, lets begin!

Operation Anchorage was the first expansion pack released and places you in league with a group of brotherhood of steel outcasts who have come across a vault laden with valuable ordanance and technology pre dating the atomic war, the only snag however is that the vault is locked and requires the completion of a combat simulator detailing the liberation of Alaska by American forces from the Communist Chinese to open. In true hollywood fashion not everyone can enter the simulator as the neural interfaces require a similar device on the person to synchronise effectively - that would be your pip boy then...

As you buckle in you are left with a warning that death in the simulator results in massive cardiac failure - brushing aside any notion that this was going to be a fun fps experience! with this warning still ringing in your ears you are thrust into battle as your first secure a beachead for the invading troops, weaken the Chinese stronghold and eventually assist in the takedown of main Chinese outpost.

Being a simulator bethesda have taken the opportunity to tweak the way you play the game, most noticeable is the removal of all items in your inventory and replacing it with more combat orientated items, such as small arms, rifles etc. the healing system has also been overauled as the abiltiy to heal at will is removed with the loss of stimpacks, instead players must find healing stations to replenish health. In my view these are refreshing changes as players are often forced to re-address the way they deal with situations given the removal of their gear. In the later stages of the campagin you are given the ability to lead a strike team that you pick with each unit costing a certain amount of requisition points, often leaving you with headaches trying to decide whether you really need that massive robot or would two missle troopers suffice...

The level design is fantastic and the cold tundra of the Alaskan plains almost whistles out of your t.v, leaving you reaching for an extra jumper, there is a real sense of a makeshift outpost going on at the American base and the Chinese outposts are suitable effecient in their nature with communist propaganda littering the walls. Character design is rather bland and generic unfortunately, as this is my only real gripe with design - apart from the main characters in the storyline there is no real destinguishing features on anybody else.

Achievement wise, the list is solid with all four achievements awarded for quest progression, there is no emphasis on karma or collectables altough finding the 10 intel peices gives you the covert ops perk. therfore dependant on difficulty and your collecting prowess i'd say you should be able to wrap this up in 2 - 4 hours.

Not bad for a first effort i'd say
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