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Update 1.1.0: Discovery Update

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Itzz Sh0wt1m3
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Itzz Sh0wt1m3
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Posted on 23 August 17 at 11:42
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Yet another set of new achievements. Mojang does treat the achievement hunters well. This update is called the discovery update for the reason that ocean monuments are improved, and besides Woodland mansions are added, along with the cartographer villager, from whom you can obtain an explorer map, allowing you to find a nearby Woodland mansion or Ocean monument. Time to explore! Moreover, a number of items were added in this update.

Full list of new items/mobs/blocks, etc. (taken from the change log):
-Woodland mansions
-5 new blocks: Concrete, Concrete powder, Glazed terracotta, Shulker box, and Frosted ice
-7 new items: Explorer maps, Totem of undying, Iron nugget, and 4 new spawn eggs
-5 new mobs: Llamas, vindicators, evokers, vexes and cartographer villagers

Llamas are great for moving a lot of stuff around. You can pack a llama with a chest, allowing you to move up to 15 stackable items on one llama. Besides, if you use a lead on one llama, you can let the rest of them follow you, as they will almost always follow a nearby llama, creating a caravan of llamas. Shulker boxes also improve the ability to move items around, as you can story a full chest worth of items in a shulker box, which you then can put into your inventory, where it only takes up one space of. The totems of undying are helpful to fight mobs, as it is basically an extra bit of health. When you normally would've died, because your health dropped below 0, the totem of undying boosts your health up a bit by a few hearts, to prevent you from dying. I though it was also cool to fight some of the new hostile mobs. The vindicators were not that special, but the evokers were decent with the vexes attacking you already from a distance.

The update added 6 new achievements. They are not hard at all to obtain as usual, when using achievement worlds.
-Name a Shulker Box with an Anvil
You can change the name of a shulker box, to allow yourself to better keep track of which items are in which shulker box. This achievement was though to be unobtainable at launch, but changing the crafting type to classic crafting changes this.
-Use the Totem of Undying to cheat death
Just equip a totem of undying and jump off a cliff or let a hostile mob kill you. You can obtain one by killing an evoker.
-Acquire a map from a cartographer villager, then enter the revealed structure
You first need to find a cartographer, which is one of the so many different types of villagers. Then keep trading with him until he gives you an explorer map. Use the map to find the structure, and then look at the map while at the structure (ocean monument or woodland mansion)
-Using the Frost Walker boots, walk on at least 1 block on frozen water on a deep ocean
This is a pretty cool addition in my opinion. The frostwalker enchantment on a pair of boots will freeze any water when walking over it. This will greatly improve your ability to move around.
-Defeat an Evoker
These mobs will spawn in woodland mansions, they look pretty much alike vindicators, but they are a bit different.
-Lead a Caravan containing at least 5 Llamas
This option to create a caravan is pretty cool in my opinion, but unfortunately this achievement was unobtainable at launch (and still is at the time of writing for the pocket editions).

-Free update
-Even more achievements
- Cool additions (llama's explorer maps, shulker boxes, woodland mansions)
- Quick completion when everything is obtainable and with use of achievements.

- Unobtainable + partly unobtainable achievements from launch. (for pocket editions)
- For some players it's a burden to having to go back to the game all the time.
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