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Rise of the Horde

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Okay so for this DLC yes we have new maps which is the only decent thing the developers gave us. Of course they gave us new achievements which are an absolute pain. You will understand with what I will explain you below right now.

So let's start with the new difficulty called Inconceivable that they brought to the game and a new mode which is Ironman. Ironman doesn't let you respawn when you die. Let's say that Ironman difficulty is like Gears 1&2; When you die, you got to wait for the other to survive until the next checkpoint or wave in order to respawn. Inconceivable is basically the 'Realistic' difficulty in Black Ops 3. It's one bullet, you die.

A new level for your skill cards is available in Horde which is level 6. Yay this so cool. This means that you will have to grind Horde for credits to spend in Horde Boosters. In these horde boosters you will have duplicates from other classes that you will have to destroy/dismantle to get scraps and up your Engineer to level 6 on everything.

You have to play Horde on Inconceivable from 1-50 with the 5 classes which will take you 10 hours approximately. You will then have to do it all again to Ironman mode on Hardcore difficulty which will add an other extra 10 hours if everything goes well. After that you will have to grind level 6 cards. This will take you approximately a good 70-80 hours Ehmm... Not! This will take you a good 250-300 hours of horde so I hope you like this mode. If not, I hope you're not a hard headed completionist like me... Considering you will do your speedruns on Inconceivable, you will fail sometimes and will have to restart. Alot of people are stucked with everything level 6 on their engineer (which is the fastest class to max) except for that stupid Overcloak card that looks like it can never be obtained in any packs you get.

Like if it's not enough, you will have to re-do this boring campaign 4 more times using the cheese method for Ironman and Inconceivable. Yes I said boring. Why do they make us play horde all the time in their stupid campaign?? It's so annoying. So yeah this will make you enjoy another good 50 hours.

And now finally if you didn't guessed it, you will have to do the eternal grind for the 'Classy' achievement. After each run you will have to hope that Overcloak will be present in your packs. You will have tons of fun doing the speedrun over and over, sometimes carrying noobs in your sessions that will make you die because they don't do shit and are waiting in a corner to get carried or simply restarting over and over because of bullshit happening in the game.

This DLC is nothing to me, but a 'let's be lazy and throw 'new features' in which is only a new level and a new difficulty so we can get more playtime value to get more money'. Stupid achievements like this pisses me off. I'm looking at you Battlefield Hardline. Yes I know Gears is well known with achievements like these, but this game to me is nothing, but plain boring. I know this not a that good review and i'm whining but hey, this an achievements site and what am I talking about in this review?? Yes achievements. It also pisses me off that you do all of this stuff for 500G. Sure nobody obligates me to do it, but it's stronger than me because i'm a completionist. I recently started to finish all my games and I just hate when developers don't care and throw grindy achievements like these in a DLC like come on man. Normally I have fun grinding for Gears, but in this one I had zero fun and I still don't have as I am right now.

So let's recapitulate, you have to do :
- Horde on Inconceivable 5 times (5 classes so 5 runs)
Considering you and your team are gods and never fail, it's gonna
be 2 hours per run.
So 10 hours total
- Horde on Ironman on Hardcore 5 times again so yeah an other 10
hours. You don't wanna do Inconceivable with Ironman on to save
time trust me.
- Boring Campaign using the cheese 4 times. (2 times on Ironman
and 2 times on Inconceivable. Let's say one playthrough is 8 hours,
8x4 = 32 hours if you're a god and don't die at all.
- Classy Achievement which is a shit ton of Blood drive speedruns.
Normally 1 hour/ 1h30 per run. You will approximately have to do
200 runs totals. It means you have to play horde for a good 300

- Total time = 352 hours if you are lucky and good at the game. If not,
expect to be stuck playing this for a good 450/500 hours of your life.

In conclusion, i'm sorry for making such a discourageing review for this game, but how can I not make one when the game itself is?? Anyway thanks for the read and if you're a psycho that completes his games like me, see you in the further sessions ;)
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