The Hideaway

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The Hideaway


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    13 Nov 2017 14 Nov 2017
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    UPDATE: the bottle achievement is STILL glitched. Adding to the cons

    Let me start by saying that I extremely enjoyed Little Nightmares! I also loved the first chapter of the DLC. However, this second chapter just does not live up to expectations in so many ways.


    1. The nomes are a fun new mechanic for solving puzzles and adding a layer of interaction with the world
    2. There are a couple of cool puzzles
    3. There is a tense creepy sequence that I really enjoyed
    4. More little nightmares is always good!


    1. The frame rate is much more unstable than in previous chapters
    2. The nomes are REALLY annoying to work with: they randomly stop following you, disappear into other rooms, get stuck on corners, get in your way when you're pushing/pulling things, etc. etc. Honestly they were a nightmare to work with quite often (I had to play the DLC twice too since the achievements were not live when I did it the first time).
    3. This chapter really does almost nothing to add to the mystery and intrigue or mythos of the game. There is no new creature or enemy or character or anything, just the nomes and a previously met enemy.
    4. The new area is honestly pretty bland. The area in the first chapter of the DLC really felt inspired and led to some innovative/exciting puzzles. Can't say the same at all for this new area.
    5. In some ways the central puzzle actually seems like a re-hash of a puzzle from Inside (collect nomes in a central area for a central purpose, much like collecting the workers about 2/3rds through Inside).
    6. One of the three achievements is glitched with many having trouble unlocking it. Maybe save the purchase until after the fix :(

    TAKEAWAY: 2/5
    Ultimately just a let down. Didn't meet the high bar that the game and its first DLC chapter set ! I would go ahead and download this if you like the series and are invested in seeing the DLC through to its end, but after this chapter I wouldn't go out of my way to start the DLC unless I were extremely invested!