Update 1.5.0: Update Aquatic - Phase Two

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Update 1.5.0: Update Aquatic - Phase Two


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    16 Nov 2018
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    For the time being the last update for the almost infinite amount of minecraft stacks. This update brings the last 4 achievements worth a total of 120 GS. It brings the last items for the underwaterworld, which allows you to explore the oceans even further:

    Realms are now available on Nintendo Switch
    The Drowned - These dangerous, underwater zombies lurk in dark, deep water and will come up to the shore at night

    Sea Turtles - These gentle creatures can be found swimming in oceans and tanning on beaches. Protect their eggs so more can hatch!
    Turtle Shell and Scute items
    Potion of the Turtle Master
    Nautilus Shells - Can be found while fishing or held by the Drowned
    Conduits can now be constructed underwater and give players the Conduit Power effect. Craft them with Nautilus Shells & Heart of the Sea
    Bubble Columns - Magma Blocks create downward flowing columns and Soul Sand creates upward flowing bubbles
    New Achievements!
    Added new commands that only affect worlds with Education Edition enabled: 1. /ability - Sets a player's ability 2. /immutableworld - Sets the immutable state of the world 3. /worldbuilder - Toggle World Builder status of caller

    Achievements as (as always) easy to earn in an achievement world set up. You can find the world links and guides in the solutions as well as in the walkthrough. The achievements added are as follows:
    "Do a Barrel Roll!": The trident is a nice item to move around faster underwater as well as attack mobs.
    Moskstraumen: This might be one of my favourite additions, the conduit allows you to enjoy the effect of water breathing, thus allowing you to stay underwater for longer.
    "One two sea four pickles": This one is easy, the pickles are new underwater plants, you can pick them up and replace them.
    "Echolocation": You can feed dolphins fish, and they will lead you to underwater treasures.

    -Free update
    -Even more achievements
    - Some cool additions, to emphasize even more on exploring the underwater world with tridents, conduit, in new biomes, etc.
    - Quick completion when everything is obtainable and with use of achievements.
    - No unobtianable achievements as experienced in some previous updates :)

    - Update came with the side news that Minecraft apple tv will not longer receive updates
    - For some players it's a burden to having to go back to the game all the time.
    -Minecraft 360 edition reached the 10,000 TA mark
    - Rather small update imo, although it might have taken the devs a long time to release this looking at the amount of bug fixes.