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Versus Mode

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Posted on 18 February 12 at 12:15, Edited on 23 July 13 at 10:10
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After a short yet great game of Resident Evil 5 story which MADE the game worth playing, Capcom introduced a new mode called Versus. Was RE5 versus mode really going to make a breakthrough to multiplayer games? Lol no!

This is a competitive based game mode in which you strive to win against other players through Xbox Live. This works the same way as Mercenaries mode but you get infinite respawns.
This cannot be played Offline. You can play Ranked games or Player Matches (which allow you to reserve private slots for your friends).

Games run on hosting servers and players need to search for lobbies to find a game. You can customise how big you want the lobby to be, and you can detect from the list of hosts what country they are from to judge whether you will get a clean connection from them. The game can begin when everyone confirms they are ready, though players normally wait for a full lobby before they let the game commence.

This game mode sadly comes with a very unfair host advantage on the host/host's team with the cleanest connection of the game, making the enemy player/enemy team inevitably lag out and have a hard time winning. Also as we all would understand from host servers, if the host quits, the game is 'lost connection' (though it notifies you who quits).

Now lets discuss the game types!

This is a free-for-all game type which requires 2-4 players to play. Every player is spawned in random spots on the map and must kill as many zombies/players as they can to win the most points before the 3 minute clock counts down to zero. Each zombie kill gives you a different amount of points depending on what kind it is.
Exploring the map you may discover new weapons to use upon your enemies or come across 'time bonuses' which extend the clock making the game last a little bit longer (30 seconds extra). Melee killing when enemies/players are wounded will reward you with 5 extra seconds than a normal gun kill. Getting killed will result you losing points so you will have to be careful. You can increase your multiply bonus by killing multiple enemies in a row (combo), though if you don't kill anything for 7 seconds after, the combo chain breaks and resets itself.

This is a free-for-all deathmatch game type which requires 2-4 players to play. Players are spawned in split quarters of the map and must ONLY kill each other to claim points. Zombies play the part of being a complete nuisance which aim to kill every player during the game. Killing zombies won't reward you anything but ammo, herbs and sometimes guns. The map has hidden weapons which can be discovered by the players and also time bonuses which extend the time duration of the game, adding 1 minute. The default time is 5 minutes.

Team Slayers:
To play this you are required at least 4 players. 2 players team up together in an attempt to conquer the scoreboard against every enemy (zombie and enemy team). This is basically a copy and pasted version of Slayers with the addition of teaming up with someone.

Team Survivors:
This is possibly the worst game mode out of VS. You and your teammate must hunt down the enemy team and attempt to take them out to claim points to win the game. Its like Survivors but in teams of 2.

GAMEPLAY (3/10):
Depending what place in the game you are at the end of the match, you are rewarded Bonus Points (what you earn from clearing chapters on Story Mode) 1st receiving the most, 2nd earning 3/4s of the max, 3rd receiving half and 4th earning 1/4. The less players there are in a game, the less points that are rewarded.
Due to the mechanics of trying to shoot people, you are forced to stand still leaving yourself open to everyone in order to attempt to get yourself some kills.
Standing around trying to shoot your enemies on the spot is not exactly a flexible or tactical way of playing multiplayer against real people where you normally run and gun... facepalm

Multiplayer Characters:
You get the default Chris and Sheva at the start of Versus, but you can purchase new ones within the bonus shop spending Exchange Points. Each character comes with his/her own unique weapon set, with tactical advantages to just plain cheap (a.k.a Wesker).
These are rather expensive to buy so the replay value increases in story mode if you want to grind for Bonus Points for spending.

There only seems to be a few minor problems when playing this.
When you get grabbed by a zombie and have to use the LS to escape, 70% of the time you will not free yourself and will inevitably get screwed over (picture as if you never used the LS at all and just watched yourself die).
Also there is a rarity of players who know how to glitch weapons like the rocket launcher for infinite ammo firing at spamming speeds. Its not been discovered yet on youtube but I have experienced a few players like this myself...

All of the achievements are based on the Versus mode game type and purchasable collectables. These can easily be boosted with a group of friends and can be earned on Player Matches. Most are easily boostable but if you don't acquire at least 3 friends, then you are going to have trouble with the 4 Team Slayers/Team Survivors achievements.

For the game modes Slayers and Survivors, all you need in 2-4 players in game to begin the match. Only one friend is required to boost with and these achievements are nothing to worry about, apart from the time consumption. If you are going for this legitimately, then be prepared for some tough competition.

You will often run into Japanese hardcore players on versus who use the overrated Wesker character (who carries the most powerful guns and has the ability to sprint at Sonic the Hedgehog speeds), and unfortunately end the fight in "cheap" victories, or everyone rage quitting ending the match before a victory can count.

In Slayers and Survivors, if people rage quit during the game, the match resumes as normal as long as there are still 2 people playing, otherwise ends in a disqualification due to no players to fight against.

The only achievements to be concerned about are the Team Slayers/Team Survivors, which require at least 4 human players (including yourself). These are incredibly frustrating to achieve when playing alone with randoms, as versus mode tends to have a bitter community that rage quits halfway through the match or just at the last second left on the clock. It only takes 1 person to mess up the whole game on Team Slayers/Team Survivors, meaning that the game ends as a disqualification towards everyone because the one player leaves.

Within this DLC you can still obtain zombie kill related achievements from the retail release such as "Baptism by Fire", "Get Physical", "Ride the Lightning", "Bull's-eye", etc.

This is an easy opportunity to grab the achievements as long as you have up to 3 friends to help you, though it can be extremely dull to boost. This is defiantly the most dislikable part of the DLC Resident Evil 5 has to offer. Not at all fun but it does come with achievements for the gamerscore completionist. Expect 9 hours of playback at least. If you are going for it legit, then may luck or skill be on your side.

Q: Is it worth playing again once you are all finished with it?
A: No… It really isn't.

Sadly, this DLC receives a 2 out of 5... Piss-poor content for a game that deserves better.
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