Alphabet Challenge

Alphabet Challenge

Welcome to the first TrueAchievement Community Challenge - The Alphabet Challenge!

The objective of this event is to unlock achievements beginning with all 26 letters of the alphabet, in order. If you can complete the whole English alphabet from A to Z within 26 days, you will earn a shiny new badge.

Start the chain by unlocking an achievement that starts with the letter A. Then proceed to unlock an achievement that starts with B, then C and so on until you've run out of letters or steam. All achievements must be online so we can determine the time it was unlocked. You can unlock achievements in-between, just make sure that you don't get your X before your W (or any others out of order either wink)

Special characters (such as those with ümlauts or tilde) are just that - special characters. Only those in the English alphabet count.

After registering, click on the letter on the event panel on your homepage to see your valid achievements for that letter. The panel appears once the contest begins. You have until the end of June 26th (UTC) to complete your list - good luck!

This event has now finished.


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