E3 2018

E3 2018

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All E3 2018 News

Forza Horizon 4 Announced

The game is set in the beautiful United Kingdom and it features dynamic seasons which change the way the world feels and looks as well as a fully shared open world.

Posted 2 years ago by Kevin Tavore

Madden NFL 19 Screenshots Released

EA held their press conference yesterday during E3 2018. One of the titles they previewed was Madden NFL 19. We have a ton of screenshots to show you.

Posted 2 years ago by CognitiveCaveat

Halo Infinite Announced

Halo Infinite was just announced at Microsoft's E3 conference. It was the premiere trailer, offering a cinematic look at an Earth-like planet and a certain ring we've all come to know and love.

Posted 2 years ago by Kevin Tavore

Microsoft to Unleash 15 World Premieres Today

Phil has been teasing things all week, but last night he let out one tweet to really drive the hype up. What did it say? Well, he let us know that they'd be showing 15 world premieres.

Posted 2 years ago by Kevin Tavore

Purple Chicken Spaceman Gets an E3 2018 Trailer

The purple chicken spaceman even has his own theme song that is on full display in the E3 trailer, in case you were at all confused about just what kind of tone this game was hoping to set.

Posted 2 years ago by Kevin Tavore

DEAD OR ALIVE 6 Announced

Yesterday, Tecmo announced that Dead or Alive 5 would finally receive a sequel, marking the first title in the series to be made from the ground up for the current generation of consoles.

Posted 2 years ago by Kevin Tavore

Sea of Solitude E3 Trailer Released

A creepy trailer for upcoming EA Original Sea of Solitude stole the show during EA's presentation today, propelling #SeaofSolitude to trend on Twitter with more than 23,000 mentions.

Posted 2 years ago by Kelly Packard

New Trailer and 18 Screenshots for Indivisible

The game is based on a classic JRPG experience with its own hand-drawn art, a beautiful soundtrack, and gameplay worth of its inspiration. You can check out the E3 trailer to see just how far it's come.

Posted 2 years ago by Kevin Tavore

NBA LIVE 19 Reveal Trailer and New Features

The very first reveal of NBA LIVE 19 just took place at EA's E3 conference. The reveal trailer gives players a short introduction to the game, and some details regarding the game's features were also provided as well.

Posted 2 years ago by Ethan Anderson

Madden NFL 19 Reveal Trailer

With another year comes another Madden game, so the reveal trailer of Madden NFL 19 did not come as any surprise. While cinematic, the trailer does provide the first look at what players can expect.

Posted 2 years ago by Ethan Anderson

Unravel Two Announced, Available Today

For those who watched EA's E3 2015 conference, one of the highlights was the rather nervous Martin Sahlin announcing Unravel. Well, he was back this year to announce the sequel, Unravel Two, with a surprise release.

Posted 2 years ago by Andy Mills

Jedi: Fallen Order is Respawn's Star Wars Title

While the team is not ready to show anything about their upcoming Star Wars title, Vince Zampella did confirm that it will be called Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, as well as a few story details.

Posted 2 years ago by Rebecca Smith

Desert Child Gets an E3 Trailer

You're an aspiring hover bike racer looking to make it into the big times. So obviously there's some hover bike racing in 2D. But you also gotta make ends meet, so you work odd jobs here and there to get things done.

Posted 2 years ago by Kevin Tavore

EA E3 2018 Press Conference Live Stream and Blog

We'll be live blogging throughout EA's E3 2018 press conference, join us to watch it in the embedded player and chat to other community members about the show!

Posted 2 years ago by Dave Horobin

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom Trailer

This video, brought to us by FDBGames, shows gameplay from the upcoming side-scrolling platformer Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom

Posted 2 years ago by CognitiveCaveat

Strange Brigade’s Trailer Shows Co-op Gameplay

Some would say Rebellion's 1930s adventure is like a co-op Indiana Jones. Personally, I think Strange Brigade looks more like a co-op The Mummy if today’s trailer is any indication.

Posted 2 years ago by Kevin Tavore

Twin Mirror, Dontnod‘s New Thriller, Arrives in 2019

Hot on the heels of their release of Vampyr, Dontnod Entertainment's next title has been announced ahead of E3. Twin Mirror is a small-town psychological thriller headed our way in 2019.

Posted 2 years ago by Sam Quirke

Fear the Wolves Trailer Prepares To Drop Into E3 2018

Drop into a radioactive wasteland armed with nothing but your wits, fists and survival instincts as you can test your Battle Royale survival skills in the new title from Vostok Games, Fear The Wolves.

Posted 2 years ago by Ashley Woodcock

Open World Mystery Title Outer Wilds Announced

Developer MOBIUS DIGITAL has announced Outer Wilds, an open world mystery title where players will explore a solar system trapped in a 20-minute time loop.

Posted 2 years ago by Ashley Woodcock

E3 2018 Schedule

E3 begins tomorrow. Here on TrueAchievements, we'll once again have more ways than ever for you to get involved and stay up to date with all the latest announcements as they happen.

Posted 2 years ago by Dave Horobin

Crackdown 3 Delayed to February 2019

E3 2018 is the moment Microsoft has chosen to confirm the unsurprising news that the game has been delayed again.

Posted 2 years ago by Rebecca Smith

Top Ten Games to Watch at E3 2018

We covered the many rumors swirling around E3 earlier this week and now today we dial back the speculation and look at just the games we know will be at the show. Here are our ten biggest games to watch at E3 2018.

Posted 2 years ago by Mark Delaney

Xbox One E3 Week Sale

Discounts on Grand Theft Auto V, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Battlefield 4, Watch_Dogs, Battlefield 1, Gears of War 4, Tom Clancy's The Division and more

Posted 2 years ago by Rich Stone

Defiance 2050 Looks at New Classes

The latest trailer for the game talks players through the four base classes from which players can choose at the beginning of the game.

Posted 2 years ago by Rebecca Smith

Big E3 Sale Incoming for Games and Consoles on June 7th

Microsoft have just announced a huge sale is coming later this week that will offer all kinds of discounts on physical and digital products, including the Xbox One X, Monster Hunter, PUBG and more.

Posted 2 years ago by Kevin Tavore

7 Burning Questions for E3 2018

E3 is nearly here, which means rumors and reports have reached a fever pitch. We look at one burning question for each publisher putting on a press conference in this E3 2018 preview.

Posted 2 years ago by Mark Delaney

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Teased

Walmart's name might very well be mud with a lot of developers and publishers, but their premature leak of a lot of unannounced titles seems to have been fairly accurate so far.

Posted 2 years ago by Rebecca Smith

Fallout 76 Revealed Ahead of E3

If you've been following Bethesda's Twitter accounts, you'll likely have been standing by since yesterday. Today, Bethesda has announced Fallout 76 with a teaser trailer.

Posted 2 years ago by Rebecca Smith

The Sinking City Teaser Trailer

Frogwares has released a new teaser trailer to whet appetites for The Sinking City, their upcoming investigation adventure with an open world setting inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

Posted 2 years ago by Lucy Wood

Battlefield V Goes Back to World War II

Players are going back to where the Battlefield franchise started with DICE's next title; Battlefield V is heading back to World War II.

Posted 2 years ago by Rebecca Smith