Twelve Days of Christmas 2019

Twelve Days of Christmas 2019

Welcome to the Twelve Days of Christmas Challenge 2019!

Every day, from 2nd December to 13th December, we will reveal a new achievement or game-related challenge for you to complete.

You need to complete each challenge, in order, by the end of December to earn a new Community Challenge badge rank.

Good luck!

To find out more about the event, please read the Twelve Days of Christmas 2019 Event FAQ.

Twelve Days of Christmas 2019 Information and Latest Posts

One TA Cup Of CoffeeOne TA Cup Of Coffee
Challenge 1
One TA Cup Of Coffee
One achievement flagged 'Time Consuming' or 'Collectable'
Two Free to PlayTwo Free to Play
Challenge 2
Two Free to Play
Two achievements from Free to Play games
Three French DevsThree French Devs
Challenge 3
Three French Devs
Three achievements from games developed by French developers
Four Selfish PopsFour Selfish Pops
Challenge 4
Four Selfish Pops
Four achievements flagged 'Host Only'
Five 15GSFive 15GS
Challenge 5
Five 15GS
Five achievements worth 15 GamerScore each
Six Secret CheevosSix Secret Cheevos
Challenge 6
Six Secret Cheevos
Six achievements that are secret
Challenge lockedLocked
Challenge 7
Challenge revealed in 4 hrs
Challenge lockedLocked
Challenge 8
Challenge revealed in 1 day
Challenge lockedLocked
Challenge 9
Challenge revealed in 2 days
Challenge lockedLocked
Challenge 10
Challenge revealed in 3 days
Challenge lockedLocked
Challenge 11
Challenge revealed in 4 days
Challenge lockedLocked
Challenge 12
Challenge revealed in 5 days