November: won 178 Achievements in 30 games, for a total of 12,045 TrueAchievement points (9,945 Gamerscore).


Twelve Days of Christmas 2019 Progress

One TA Cup Of CoffeeOne TA Cup Of Coffee
Challenge 1
One TA Cup Of Coffee
One achievement flagged 'Time Consuming' or 'Collectable'
Two Free to PlayTwo Free to Play
Challenge 2
Two Free to Play
Two achievements from Free to Play games
Three French DevsThree French Devs
Challenge 3
Three French Devs
Three achievements from games developed by French developers
Four Selfish PopsFour Selfish Pops
Challenge 4
Four Selfish Pops
Four achievements flagged 'Host Only'
Five 15GSFive 15GS
Challenge 5
Five 15GS
Five achievements worth 15 GamerScore each
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Six Secret CheevosSix Secret Cheevos
Challenge 6
Six Secret Cheevos
Six achievements that are secret
Challenge lockedLocked
Challenge 7
Challenge revealed in 9 hrs
Challenge lockedLocked
Challenge 8
Challenge revealed in 1 day
Challenge lockedLocked
Challenge 9
Challenge revealed in 2 days
Challenge lockedLocked
Challenge 10
Challenge revealed in 3 days
Challenge lockedLocked
Challenge 11
Challenge revealed in 4 days
Challenge lockedLocked
Challenge 12
Challenge revealed in 5 days