Twelve Days of Christmas 2020 Progress

An Xbox One X Enhanced PopAn Xbox One X Enhanced Pop
Challenge 1
An Xbox One X Enhanced Pop
One achievement from any Xbox One X Enhanced Game
Two Brawling FightsTwo Brawling Fights
Challenge 2
Two Brawling Fights
Two achievements from games that are tagged with the Beat em Up, Hack & Slash or Fighting genres
Three Old GamesThree Old Games
Challenge 3
Three Old Games
Unlock one achievement from three different Xbox 360 games
Four Need a GuideFour Need a Guide
Challenge 4
Four Need a Guide
Four achievements that do not have guides
Five Hundred PointsFive Hundred Points
Challenge 5
Five Hundred Points
Five 100 GS Achievements
Six Pick Your PlatformSix Pick Your Platform
Challenge 6
Six Pick Your Platform
Six achievements that are Xbox Play Anywhere
Seven Don't You Miss TheseSeven Don't You Miss These
Challenge 7
Seven Don't You Miss These
Seven achievements flagged missable
Eight Walkthrough ReadyEight Walkthrough Ready
Challenge 8
Eight Walkthrough Ready
Eight achievements from games that have walkthroughs
Ten Calling DutiesTen Calling Duties
Challenge 10
Ten Calling Duties
Ten achievements from games that are tagged with the Shooter (1st and 3rd) genre
Eleven Riders MovingEleven Riders Moving
Challenge 11
Eleven Riders Moving
Eleven achievements from games that are tagged with the Aerial, Automobile or Naval genres
Twelve Letter LinkingTwelve Letter Linking
Challenge 12
Twelve Letter Linking
12 Achievement LinkFrog
Total chain length: 12