Twelve Days of Christmas 2021 Progress

Optimized For The SeriesOptimized For The Series
Challenge 1
Optimized For The Series
Earn one achievement from a game optimized for the Series X|S
Two Grinding GearsTwo Grinding Gears
Challenge 2
Two Grinding Gears
2 achievements flagged 'stackable'
Three Nice PopsThree Nice Pops
Challenge 3
Three Nice Pops
3 achievements over a 3.0 ratio
Four High Rez GamesFour High Rez Games
Challenge 4
Four High Rez Games
4 achievements from the list of 4K games
Five Hidden ThingsFive Hidden Things
Challenge 5
Five Hidden Things
5 Collectable achievements
Six Can't Stop Co-OpSix Can't Stop Co-Op
Challenge 6
Six Can't Stop Co-Op
Earn 1 achievement from 6 different online co-op games
Seven Gamers CountingSeven Gamers Counting
Challenge 7
Seven Gamers Counting
Earn 7 achievements that contain at least 1 seven letter word
Eight Cheevo SpellingEight Cheevo Spelling
Challenge 8
Eight Cheevo Spelling
Spell YULETIDE using 1st character of achievements
Ten "THE"'s A StartingTen "THE"'s A Starting
Challenge 10
Ten "THE"'s A Starting
10 achievements that start with "THE"
Eleven Looters LootingEleven Looters Looting
Challenge 11
Eleven Looters Looting
11 achievements from Games tagged 'Dungeon Crawler' or 'Role Playing'
Twelve Hoppers HoppingTwelve Hoppers Hopping
Challenge 12
Twelve Hoppers Hopping
12 achievements with each one being at least 0.2 ratio higher than the previous
Total achievements won: 12