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Just made it into knockouts for uhh! Was very close 255/256!

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Twelve Days of Christmas Progress

One Game CompletionOne Game Completion
Challenge 1
One Game Completion
You need to complete the base achievement list in a single game. This can be a game you have previously started
Blackwood Crossing
Two Versus AchievementsTwo Versus Achievements
Challenge 2
Two Versus Achievements
You need to unlock two achievements with a versus flag
Fix Me Up
Feeling the Need
Three 3.0 Ratio AchievementsThree 3.0 Ratio Achievements
Challenge 3
Three 3.0 Ratio Achievements
You need to unlock three achievements with a ratio of at least 3.0
Supreme Sabrewulf
Friendly Sabrewulf
Sabrewulf's Matchups
Four Letters of NOELFour Letters of NOEL
Challenge 4
Four Letters of NOEL
You need to unlock achievements starting with N, O, E and L in order
Nailed it!
On the podium!
Excursion through the scenery
Last one left!
Five Rare AchievementsFive Rare Achievements
Challenge 5
Five Rare Achievements
You need to unlock five Rare achievements
Shake and Bake
In The Groove
Stewart-Haas Racing Driver
USA GP Time Trial
Canada Time Trial
Six Single Player AchievementsSix Single Player Achievements
Challenge 6
Six Single Player Achievements
You need to unlock six achievements with a single player flag
Winner of Quadrocopters
Fearlessness and Courage
We Love CSI Fans!
Strong Reader
Seven Achievements in Different GamesSeven Achievements in Different Games
Challenge 7
Seven Achievements in Different Games
You need to unlock seven achievements, each from a different game
Call me "Sir"
Great Start!
Exchange student
Accelerated course!
Finish Line Frenzy
Community Member
High Draulics
Eight Cooperative AchievementsEight Cooperative Achievements
Challenge 8
Eight Cooperative Achievements
You need to unlock eight achievements with a cooperative flag
Forgot My Trunks
NYC Air Freight
Alex License
Foosa Flipout
Penguins License
Fire Proof
Triple Stunt
Gloria License
Nine Action-Adventure AchievementsNine Action-Adventure Achievements
Challenge 9
Nine Action-Adventure Achievements
You need to unlock nine achievements in Action-Adventure games
Quick on the Draw
I'm Getting Pretty Good At This!
They're Shooting At Both Of Us!
We Need More Troops!
A Long Time Ago....
The Force, It's Calling To You.
Field Research
Wee Wee Wee
Left Behind
Ten 10G AchievementsTen 10G Achievements
Challenge 10
Ten 10G Achievements
You need to unlock ten achievements worth exactly 10 Gamerscore each
Breakout Champion
Rare Collector
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Eleven Main Storyline achievements 
Eleven Main Storyline achievements
Challenge 11
Eleven Main Storyline achievements
You need to unlock eleven achievements with a main storyline flag
Twelve Achievement Leap FrogTwelve Achievement Leap Frog
Challenge 12
Twelve Achievement Leap Frog
You need to unlock twelve achievements, each with a higher ratio and in a different game than the last