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Information Posted on 25 March 18 at 23:20
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Posted on 10 February 19 at 01:27, Edited on 10 February 19 at 16:37 by x SATELE SHAN x
i think this game should be also considered as stealth.
Ghost Recon Future Soldier is very similar to Wildlands, even if the second one is an open world game: in Wildlands you can avoid enemies by stealth tactics (for ex., you can conquest an enemy outpost, kill an enemy VIP stealthly by killing few soldiers or just the target).
Furthermore, we have a real alert system and We are able to run away from enemies when they are checking our last position. They also get reinforcements when we are spotted.
We have silenced weapons and We can use them if we want to play more stealthy.
The last important thing: this game is very punitive on the highest difficulties, if you don't play stealthly and carefully.

PS: I can't find the "disagreement" button.
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