Game Discussion: AER - Memories of Old Forum doesnt save, and losing the option to transform

Posted on 28 March 18 at 05:06
i have had a lot of issues with this game...reinstalling it..deleting saves havent helped. So i am curious if someone else had this issue and solved it..

After the first nontutorial cave, Aer loses the option to transform to a bird when i exit. Which makes me stuck on the island. (i know thats not intended) and since the game doesnt save for me either. Dashboarding makes me have to restart the game.
Posted on 30 March 18 at 19:27
Same issue here, couldn't transform, saved and quit. Game didn't save, and had to start the game over again. Haven't touched it since. Let me know if you find a fix!
Posted on 10 May 18 at 10:02
Ok so the issue for the ability to transform if you have the tutorial on your screen where it said press Lt/Rt you need to make sure the buttons are not on your screen cause I had the same thing happen to me then I read on psntrophies that your have to press all the buttons on your screen or it will keep glitching. The save issue I don't know if that fixes it too or not i didn't try saving after I fixed my transforming problem cause i was to annoyed so i just 100% the game then and there
Posted on 21 November 18 at 02:49
I can confirm the same glitches are cleared for both transforming and saving once you press all the tutorial-instructed buttons during the first part of the game. Took two tries to figure that. Game saves fine now.
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