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First Look at Gameplay From Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

  • DamnSillyDamnSilly910,349
  • ShadowManGMRShadowManGMR623,106
    Posted on 29 March 18 at 16:07Permalink
    "Turn-based combat" is the shortest combination of words necessary to make me lose interest in a game. I don't want to take turns with the enemies. I want to hit them in the back when they aren't looking and do other underhanded tactics that people would yell at me for if I were to do them in an online multiplayer game.
  • DaimajuDaimaju174,022
    Posted on 30 March 18 at 12:19Permalink
    Looks like a combination of Jagged Alliance 2 and XCOM.
    Take my money!
    Posted on 30 March 18 at 12:41Permalink
    Sold! Graphics are absolutely stunning, gameplay looks solid and story original. What more could you ask for?
  • Posted on 23 August 18 at 18:50Permalink
    Done. I'm sold. If you don't like TBC, find another game. Some of us old-school gamers still love it.
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